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Left Behind is an MM erotic romance set in the Scottish Highlands. It is the first book in the new Abducted Hearts series that is being released as part of Loose Id Publishing’s Three for the Holidays range. Book Two, Highland Gathering, is coming very soon and the final installment, Haunted Heart will release in February!


Stewart is instantly attracted to Gary, but he isn’t sure he’s ready to date again. Gary wants Stewart, but he doesn’t think Stewart will stick around when he finds out the secret Gary is hiding.

Faced with the prospect of spending Christmas alone with his daughter, Havana, in the house he used to share with his husband, widower Stewart Robertson heads north to a campsite in Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands. There, he meets Gary James, an American parapsychologist with beliefs very different to Stewart’s own.

The sexual attraction is instantaneous, and overwhelming, and when Gary asks Stewart to spend Christmas with him and his friends in Fort William, Stewart agrees. Knowing next to nothing about each other, the two quickly start a physical relationship.

Stewart, emotional, angry and still reeling from the recent death of his husband, doesn’t know if he’s ready to start dating again, but he can’t deny that he wants Gary, a man who is keeping a secret that threatens to derail any chance of a happy ending before they even get started.




“If we’re going,” Stewart said after Lucas finished explaining his plan, “you need to go tell your dad.”

“My dad?” Lucas looked confused.

“Yep. He doesn’t even know I’m here with you. You’ll need to tell him.”

“Can I tell my uncle instead?”

That threw Stewart off his stride. He fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Who are you camping with?”

“My uncle.”

“Then yes, it would be easier to tell your uncle. I thought he was your dad.”

“No. My dad’s in Iraq.”

Right. So not much point calling him, then, Stewart thought. He never had been good at understanding the way children’s minds worked.

Instead of admitting that, Stewart gestured for Lucas to go. He took Havana inside to get ready, and when he emerged from the kata, Lucas’s uncle was taking up far too much room on the decking outside, armed with two camping chairs and a cooler.

“Snacks,” he said in an American accent Stewart didn’t even try to place. He flashed Stewart a blinding smile, his height forcing Stewart to look up at him.

He transferred the cooler and folded camping chairs into one hand before extending the free one for Stewart to shake. Stewart did and earned another of those jolts of attraction. It was worse the second time around, with the skin contact and that dark, intense gaze on him. The man’s hands were big, his grip strong, but his skin was soft. Warm. Stewart cleared his throat.

“Gary,” the man said.

Stewart knew he was staring, not letting go of Gary’s hand. The man’s height and build and presence made Stewart feel like he was caught in a tractor beam, frozen in place and rendered incapable of movement or speech. But inside, Stewart’s mind was racing a million miles an hour. He was chastising himself in no uncertain terms for behaving as he was. For feeling the way he was. For even noticing how much stronger Gary was compared to him, and for remembering Gary naked earlier that morning and wishing he had stayed longer.

Already it felt like an imperfect memory. Hairy chest, muscular body, impressive cock. He was mad at himself for focusing on the latter. For immediately fixating on how much he wanted to fuck. Get fucked. Even just be held in strong arms, feel that smile directed at him from someone who clearly thought there was still stuff worth smiling about. Because it didn’t seem to matter how much time Stewart spent with Havana, how tightly he hugged her, and how much he worried about her, he was lonely. So lonely, sometimes he wondered if he was going to die from it. And that was a drama-queen thought by anyone’s standard, but sometimes it was true. It was like the pain. A seemingly endless state from which there was no escape.

“Now, back in the States, this is the point where the other person gives their name.”

Stewart crashed back to reality in time to jerk his hand out of Gary’s. He took a deep breath. This is the part where you decide I’m batshit crazy and should in no way be allowed near either you or your son. Nephew. Whatever.

“Stewart,” he managed. “Sorry, my brain’s away with the fairies.” Wasn’t that the truth?

Gary flashed him another smile, and Stewart had to take a step back. He shook his head, forced a laugh, then said, “I haven’t been sleeping. Hence coming here to get away from it all, but that hasn’t worked either. My head’s not in the game. This is Havana. Your nephew’s been doing a great job keeping her entertained all morning.”

“So I’ve been told.” Gary turned his attention to Havana, allowing Stewart the opportunity to give the man another once-over.

Baggy waterproof trousers, expensive walking boots, and a quality branded outdoor jacket. Gary looked every inch like he belonged in the great outdoors, with the exception of the black T-shirt with luminous green alien face and the writing The Truth is Out There picked out in silver underneath. People tended to wear their oldest, least-favorite clothes when there was a chance of them getting muddy, Stewart reasoned. He turned his thoughts back to Gary, who was calling Havana a little lady and offering her a bow.

“I hear we’re off to do some exploring by the river, maybe see if we can rent some bikes?” Gary said when he straightened.

The bikes were a new addition to the plan. It seemed Lucas made things up as he went along. Or waited until he had initial approval before adding additional details.

“Seems that way,” Stewart said.

Gary looked at Lucas. He grinned. “Lead on, dude.”


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Author Bio

Born and raised in bonnie Scotland, Douglas Black writes contemporary MM erotic romance. Welcome to your fantasy.


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Author Name: Rae Gee

Book Name: A Second Past Midnight

Release Date: April 22, 2015

Pages or Words: 87,900 words

Categories: Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Thriller, Dystopian

Publisher: Torquere Press

Cover Artist: BS Clay


It had come like a thief in the night, an invisible force that had wiped out life as they had known it, sending them from 1981 back to 1881. The cause of The Pulse had remained a mystery and become the cause of speculation of fear. In a heartbeat, stock markets had crashed, power plants had shut down, and the land became poisoned by sewage, chemicals and, in some areas, radiation. If it had microchips in it, it was dead, finished beyond all repair. The anomaly which had wiped out their life had become known as The Pulse and the events following it had become known as The Crash.



With the rifle slung over one shoulder, James made his way through the drifts of fall leaves. Miles from home, and in the depths of the Minnesota forests, he knew he was far from alone. Spread across one of the state’s many forested areas were others like himself, getting ready for open season to begin. Dressed in army surplus fatigues, and with his long brunette hair pulled through a baseball cap, he was ready. Rules drawn up by the county required hunters to wear fatigues rather than their usual orange so as not to clash with the inmate’s uniforms.

James looked at his watch. 2.40pm. Twenty minutes left. Finding a thicket of bushes, he crouched within the prickly branches and quietly prepped the gun. Peering down the scope, the brunette man aimed at a nearby tree. Perfect. Clipped to one side of the scope was a small flashlight, perfect for when the sun began to set.

All around him, the smell of fall hung in the air. Musty, and a little damp, it spoke of a long, hard winter, and evenings sat before the fire. In January of 1981, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists had moved the symbolic Doomsday Clock to 11:56pm, four minutes to the “midnight” of global catastrophe the clock represented. On October 31st, 1981, at 1:13am, the Doomsday Clock had struck midnight.

It had come like a thief in the night, an invisible force that had wiped out life as they had known it, sending them from 1981 back to 1881. The cause of The Pulse had remained a mystery and become the cause of speculation of fear.  In a heartbeat stock markets had crashed, power plants had shut down, and the land became poisoned by sewage, chemicals and, in some areas, radiation. If it had microchips in it, it was dead, finished beyond all repair.  The  anomaly which had wiped out their life had become known as The Pulse and the events following it had become known as The Crash,.

Within days, anarchy broke out and the cities became no-go areas. The small communities furthest from the carnage were the best places to be. Diseases long thought dead flared back to life. Money was still being used but prices were sky high. No one could afford the meager crops that were produced and for those who owned farms, like James’ family, keeping animals was dangerous. While the tiny communities protected one another, there was nothing, bar the gun in his lap, to stop a stranger from stealing their animals. They still kept a few; a couple of cows and a few chickens, but that was it. Everything else, including any wild animals, were long gone, were so badly affected that they were in danger of extinction.

It had been several months before they’d truly found out what had happened on the night of The Crash. An airdrop of flyers, created between the British and Canadians, had scattered over the state. They told of the electromagnetic pulse that had wiped out their lives, retaliation from the Russians for the boycotts imposed by the United States. The Pulse, having traveled along anything metal, had destroyed the American military, leaving them helpless and unable to return fire.

The government had recognized the lack of supplies and, in ’83, had signed the “Shoot to Kill” executive order. Twice a year, a number of convicts from prisons across the country were released into wooded areas to be hunted, with a promise of freedom if they survived the seven day open season. All were felons; with DUIs, drug dealers, and thieves.

Sales Links: Torquere Books

About the author:

Born and raised in the heart of England, Rae spent her formative years bouncing around the globe with her missionary family. When she wasn’t on a plane, she was often found with her head in a book. These days she racks up air miles by learning to fly.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys making documentaries, roaming the South Downs, teasing the cat and her dad (normally at the same time!), taking photos and naming her electronics. She believes that she’s trapped in the wrong era and should be roaming the streets of 19th Century London.

She also has a tattoo of a Boeing 747 and is only too happy to tell the tale behind it. Feel free to ask; she promises not to bite too hard!

Rae made her vocal début on Spawn of Psychosis’s 2013 EP Mind Over Mania. All profits from the EP go to mental health charity Mind.

She currently lives just outside of Leicester and is partly owned by Bertie the cat.

Where to find the author:

Facebook Author Page: www.facebook.com/thequeenofsteam

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VeetuIndustries

Other: www.raegee.co.uk

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/raegee

Tour Dates & Stops:

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Click here for a chance to win a Rafflecopter Prize: An e-copy of ‘A Second Past Midnight’ by Rae Gee

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Rent Me by Brina Brady


Brennen Brady is a 21 year-old escort and USC law student who falls in love with Dmitri Dubrovsky, a 36 year-old Russian mafia man who saved him from an abusive home. When Brennen turned 18, he became Dmitri’s lover. Dmitri controlled every inch of his life in and out of bed. Dmitri set up a domestic discipline type of relationship and Brennen wants Dmitri to be his Dom. The story captures their struggles to define their relationship. When Dmitri marries Nika to protect his name from his friends and family, their relationship shakes their love. Brennen does not understand his lover’s Russian culture not allowing homosexuality. Two different cultures and age difference clash.

Brennen works as an escort for Dmitri’s Forbidden Desires Escort Service. Each use sharp emotional weapons to protect their relationship.

The story begins with Brennen upset over Dmitri’s marriage. Dmitri moved Brennen to his own apartment while he attends USC and works as an escort. Devastated Brennen did not know how to deal with being number two to his lover while they continued their sexual relationship as if nothing changed.

Brennen is coming of age and wondering if he is gay or bisexual. Dmitri torn between his love for Brennen and his Russian pride that demands him to be straight with a wife and family.

Stubborn Brennen refuses to quit being an escort, which upsets Dmitri who loves him. The battling of two stubborn men who want to be together without giving up anything. Brennen wants to remain an escort and Dmitri can’t accept being gay. Dmitri’s brother Mischa pushes Brennen in the direction of women, which upsets Dmitri. Can their relationship survive Brennen’s clients? Can their relationship survive Dmitri’s marriage? How will they save their relationship?

Available now from Smashwords and Amazon US.

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