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Autism Awareness Blog Tour

Today is my turn to play host for RJ Scott’s annual Autism Awareness blog hop.

Previous hosts and those that cover the dates for the rest of the month may be found here on RJ’s blog.

As you will know by now, if you have followed all the posts in the blog hop, autism manifests in a lot of different ways. For some people, like Andy Warhol and Tim Burton, it gives them a unique view of the world that brings them celebrity, for others its a challenge to be faced but there are still joys to be experienced and big wins to be celebrated.

Every child should be given opportunities to try new things, see new sights and enjoy new experiences so they can find the things that give them joy and will help them to be stronger and happier adults.


Let’s not deny people their opportunities to shine, to stand up and crow and say ‘Look, I did that’.

Just because someone doesn’t do things the same way as most people, it doesn’t make their achievements less important.

All these quotes are taken from the Autism Speaks website which can be found Here.

More information on autism can be found on these websites:





And here, again, is the link to RJ’s masterpost – http://rjscottauthor.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/autism-awareness-blog-hop-2017.html

Since this is a blog hop and blog hops mean presents, if you leave a comment with your email I will pick a winner at the end of the month and we’ll have a chat about what you would prefer to receive. Until then happy hopping.





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Autism Awareness Month


R J Scott’s Autism Awareness Blog Hop is kicking off today with a terrific line up of authors, most of whom are offering prizes.

Don’t forget to check the masterlist, daily, to be taken on a tour of some of the best authors’ and bloggers’ sites on the web. You can find a link HERE.

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So the year rolls around and here we are observing another blog hop to remind ourselves to be mindful, careful and to call out Homophobia and Transphobia whenever we see it. So far, so good. It’s nice to get a concrete reminder of this but we’d do well to remember that the problems we hop about once a year are things faced every day, all year round, for many of the people to whom we count ourselves allies.

As the weeks pass by and the roll call of people young and old who have fallen victim to these phobias mounts, it’s important to remember that they aren’t just names on a screen but people with hopes and dreams, with loved ones, with ambitions for the future. For some of them, tragically, that future has been cut short, for others they have faced acts that are so subtle as to be almost unnoticeable to folk who aren’t in their position but act like the slow drip of acid, eating away at their well being. This is less newsworthy than a murder, than an assault, than the awfulness of suicide, but it’s an everywhere, everyday tarnish on the gloss of civilisation. Victimisation, large and obvious or small and insidious, must stop.

We must see it for what it is, we must be aware of its effects and we must support the push for equality.



This year’s theme for the IDAHOT organisation is Mental Health and Well-Being. Please support it if you can.

Click here to be taken to the list of participants in the blog hop or use the links below.

Blog Hop for Visibility, Awareness and Equality.

1.  B. A. Brock (BI TR GAY LES)   23.  Amelia Bishop (MULTI)   45.  Remmy Duchene (MM)  
2.  Jamie Fessenden   24.  Moonbeams over Atlanta – Eloreen Moon (MM, REV, MULTI)   46.  Sharita Lira writing as BLMorticia M/M  
3.  Rory Ni Coileain   25.  Helena Stone (M/M )   47.  Barbara Winkes (LES)  
4.  Erica Pike (M/M)   26.  AM Leibowitz (M/M, F/F, BI, TR, NB, REV)   48.  Bronwyn Heeley (m/m)  
5.  Andrew Jericho (GAY)   27.  L.D. Blakeley (M/M, BI)   49.  L. J. LaBarthe  
6.  Tempeste O\’Riley (M/M (Bi) (NB)   28.  Lila Leigh Hunter [M/M, BI]   50.  VJ Summers (m/m, m/m/f)  
7.  The Macaronis [various]   29.  Sharon Bidwell   51.  Nikka Michaels (M/M)  
8.  Elin Gregory [mm]   30.  Nicole Dennis (M/M, ACE, M/M/F)   52.  Caraway Carter (LGBT)  
9.  Alexa MIlne   31.  Lexi Ander   53.  L M Somerton (M/M)  
10.  Nic Starr (M/M)   32.  Barbara G.Tarn (M/M, ACE)   54.  Taylor Law (GAY)  
11.  Evelise Archer (MM)   33.  Kaje Harper M/M, TR, BI   55.  Anastasia Vitsky (F/F, TR, BI)  
12.  Sue Brown   34.  JMS Books LLC   56.  Draven St. James (M/M)  
13.  Elizabeth Varlet (M/M, BI, NB)   35.  JM Snyder   57.  A.V. Sanders (GAY, ACE, NB)  
14.  Raven J. Spencer   36.  Dean Pace-Frech   58.  Lynley Wayne  
15.  Sharing Links and Wisdom (REV)   37.  Kimber Vale   59.  DP Denman (GAY)  
16.  Lisa Horan (REV/Multi)   38.  Jacintha Topaz (BI, F/F, M/M, TR)   60.  M.A. Church M/M  
17.  Archer Kay Leah (M/M, F/F, TR, NB, BI, ACE)   39.  Prism Book Alliance® (MULTI)   61.  Andrew J. Peters GAY  
18.  Alexis Duran (M/M)   40.  Eva Lefoy (M/M, F/F, F/M/F, BI, MULTI)   62.  Dianne Hartsock MM  
19.  Jules Dixon   41.  Lou Sylvre (M/M)   63.  M. LeAnne Phoenix M/M F/F  
20.  R.M. Olivia   42.  Anne Barwell   64.  Cherie Noel (M/M)  
21.  Heloise West (M/M)   43.  Viki Lyn (M/M)   65.  Chris McHart (M/M, Trans*)  
22.  Angel Martinez (M/M GAY BI TR)   44.  Sean Michael  

(Linkup closed)

As usual there must be a prize so I’ll make my usual donation to the Albert Kennedy Trust on behalf of the Hop and one commentor, chosen at random, may pick a book from my backlist. Good luck.

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It’s May 17th again – don’t the years roll by quickly? – and time for another:

Hop Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

This isn’t to say that this is something we should be bearing in mind just once a year. I would hope that anyone who reads this is already well aware of the message but a bit of reinforcement never hurts.

One of my favourite quotes is from Plato. In the original text there’s a lot more to it but the sentiment remains one of the best rules of thumb that I know, and it is usually rendered as:

Be kind – for everyone you meet is fighting a battle about which you know nothing.

It doesn’t usually cost anything to be kind but it can take some effort.

I had an email this week, one of those annoying All Staff emails that usually refer to pilates classes in the lunch hour at a venue 30 miles away, or surplus office equipment. Normally I delete them but this one caught my eye because it had this heading:

It had been sent by Stonewall Cymru, Yr elusen cydraddoldeb lesbiaidd, hoyw, deurywiol a thraws yng Nghymru [The all-Wales charity for lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans equality], as a little reminder that all public places and the public servants who work in them should be mindful, careful and thoughtful at all times and not just when they think they should. Battles are being fought every day, quiet, painful secret struggles, by brave warriors whose polite smiles conceal the wounds they carry.

At the very least we should not be adding to the burdens carried so secretly but Stonewall Cymru takes it a step further with their watchword DimAnwybyddu = No Bystanders. If you hear the comment, that nasty sneering throwaway cut, challenge it. If you see something you suspect might be bullying, interfere. Even the old and the slow, like me, can bear witness, and make it clear that we are prepared to do so.

As usual I’ll be donating, as usual to AKT, and as usual I’m offering a prize to a commenter – an ecopy of A Taste of Copper. Don’t forget to leave your contact deets in your comment.

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Push Back

Sometimes even the calmest of people get annoyed and that has happened recently in the LGBTTAQI fiction community. The news that a family run pizza business has received over a million $ from like minded bigots after being criticised for refusing to serve LGBTTAQI customers was so startling, infuriating and ridiculous, that several writers had a chat and decided to put their ire to good use. Invitations were issued, word spread and the initial group were soon joined by writers bloggers, designers, and publishing companies – in all two hundred and twenty four individuals – all of whom agreed that they too were just a little peeved and felt something should be done.

Now obviously there’s nothing to be done directly about the pizza parlour’s spectacular windfall but we can do a charity fund raiser of our own.

Click on the graphic to be taken to the master post where you will find a list of all participants and the instructions about how to win one of the many prizes.

What do you have to do? Donate to the LGBTTAQI charity of your choice then tell us about it in a comment to that blog post. No need to comment here. I’m just a conduit. When you comment, providing links to the charity’s donation page would be a really cool thing to do in case any potential donors would like to donate but haven’t chosen where yet. Not to be pushy but my own personal favourite is the Albert Kennedy Trust that does terrific work here in the UK by providing a safe clean home for LGBTTAQI youths who have nowhere else to go. HOWEVER, if you’ve read this far I’m sure you have your own favourite local charity and it would be really cool if you can show them some love. It doesn’t have to be much. For the price of a couple of days worth of fancy coffee AKT can take a kid off the street and give them a safe place to sleep for the night.

Here’s the link again. Please click it and do what you can.

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Autism Awareness blog

Welcome to my little bit of R J Scott’s Autism Awareness blog hop. Clicking that link will take you to her master post with a full list of all particpants, of which there are loads, all offering prizes.

I’m offering a prize too – a $10 Amazon gift certificate – to a commenter to this post so please don’t forget to leave a means by which I can get in touch.

Now – down to business, this is my autism fact: Autism doesn’t just affect children. Children with autism grow up to be adults with autism.

As understanding grows and health services put more resources in place, opportunities will be better, but at the moment resources are concentrated on the children. My son has recently transferred to day care unit for adults from a unit that cared for children. While working with the kids he helped to set up a system that provided IT resources for those of the kids who were happier interacting via email and IM. Each child who wished to use one was provided with a small tablet and some of them loved them. When my son moved to the adult unit he was shocked to find a previous patient, now 18, very subdued and withdrawn. When the boy had moved to the adult unit he was no longer entitled to use the tablet and had been deprived of it. Obviously this is not acceptable. With some prompting the local authority has agreed to invest in expanding the IT programme to help adults as well but this is by no means a country wide effort.

Click on the logo to go to the National Autistic Society webpage to learn more about the charity and how you might get involved.

Comment to this post and I’ll make a donation to the charity on your behalf. If that isn’t incentive enough I’ll pick a commenter name out of the hat and set them an Amazon gift card. Don’t forget to visit RJ Scott’s blog to visit the rest of the participants.

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Doodle Tuesday

For the past few weeks I have been contributing to the #DoodleTuesday group on Facebook. This group has been set up in support of the You Will Rise Project which aims to provide a means by which people who have been bullied, either as children or as adults, can express their experiences in any artistic means they choose. The project was started by Linda Regula and Paul Richmond, both of whom were bullied as children, and they have been joined by artist Aaron Anderson, videographer Maria Fanning and Brooke Albrecht, the Doodle Queen.

My doodles are nothing special but some of the drawings and photo manips are fantastic and well worth sharing. So see what people posted last week and if you would like to join in you can link to your drawing from Twitter, via Instagram [not sure what that is], the Doodle Tuesday and You Will Rise Facebook groups and I should imagine Tumblr as well. Just add #doodletuesday to your post to show your support of this project.



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