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You might benefit from grabbing a copy of this book – especially since it’s only 99p this week.

Here’s the blurb:

What other authors say about “Marketing the Romance”:

‘Who knew a book on marketing could be so entertaining? If you’re a romance author (or any author really) and you want to know how to market your books effectively and strategically…you need to buy this book! I guarantee you will not regret it.’ (Heidi Rice, USA Today bestselling author, published by Harlequin Mills and Boon Modern and Harlequin Mira UK)

‘It was like getting together with a friend over coffee for a good pep talk. Clear action plans to follow broken down into manageable chunks.’ (Elisabeth Hobbes, Harlequin Mills and Boon Historical author)

‘Liam’s clear, structured approach helps to demystify an often confusing subject and, with the use of genuine examples, he provides real insight into the whys and wherefores of marketing.’ (Janice Preston, Harlequin Mills and Boon Historical author)

‘Practical, detailed, and fun to read. Liam is incredibly knowledgeable about marketing and romantic fiction, and communicates that knowledge with passion and humour.’ (Alison May, RONA nominated romantic fiction author and creative writing tutor)

‘Includes the best explanation I’ve seen yet of what “author branding” actually means.’ (JL Merrow, award-winning gay romance author)

‘An absolutely essential marketing guide for today’s romance author. Highly recommended! Straight-forward, clear and packed full of tips, advice and research-based strategy to help you get your books noticed!’ (Mandy Baggot bestselling and award-winning romance author)

‘Practical and jargon-free, Liam’s witty take on marketing is gloriously do-able.’ (Virginia Heath, RONA nominated Harlequin Mills and Boon Historical author)

‘Practical, useful and sensible advice about marketing your romance novel…written in a clear, friendly and down-to-earth manner.’ (Kate Hardy, multi-award nominated Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical and Cherish author)

With testimonials like those, and from authors with those credentials, anything that I can add feels a bit superfluous. But I will say this – of all the things associated with writing books for money, I find marketing, even the thought of it, just about the worst. Even worse than writing the obligatory sex scenes, which I can at least turn into comedy once I decide that my characters have reached the point of engagement where it would be silly if they didn’t boink each others brains out. Or I can write a bit of it and fade to black when I get bored, or turn it into a massive psychological plot point or… see there are options with the actual writing. But with marketing – we kind of HAVE to do that and if one is the sort of person who would sooner chew ones own arm off than ever be conceited enough to imply that one has done/made/written something that is rather good and that might be worth someone forking out some cash for – well then marketing is a HUGE problem.

I’ve read a few ‘Build a Better Author Platform’ books that were completely unintelligible, but in this one the jargon is explained, the style is chatty and accessible, and the different topics are presented in bite sized chunks. Also, rather than a “I’m a successful author and this is what works for me” scenario, which depends a LOT on popularity, personal charisma and drive, this book is by a marketing professional and contains tips and tricks that anyone can do whether you’re aiming for mainstream success or playing to a very tiny niche audience. I think if you’re a brand new shiny author just starting out, rather than a tired old hack who has made all the mistakes the book warns against, you would find it absolutely invaluable as a guide to making your name instantly recognisable, establishing a sound author brand and ultimately selling a lot of books. And it’s useful for old hacks too – there are a few things I might try when I’m back on the marketing treadmill.

All that for 99p too. You can’t really go wrong.

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Let’s face it – there are times when we all need help. If you have water spurting out under your sink you call a plumber. If the lights go out and won’t come back on again, you call the electrician. If you’ve got this funny rash that seems to be spreading … well you get my drift.

For worried writers the ‘go to’ place is the Insecure Writer’s Support Group [website and sign up  here] which was started and is administered by best selling author Alex J Cavanaugh. The first Wednesday of each month is the day upon which writers in every and any genre and at any level of expertise can let their hair down and have a legitimate gripe about anything that is worrying them.

Worries that are stifled, that aren’t voiced, that are kept secret, have a horrible habit of both growing and attracting companions. And then – oh, then the nasty ratbags have an absolute orgy and breed like lemmings until the poor writer’s brain is buzzing night and day with concerns that pushes them closer and closer to the cliff edge of giving up writing and concentrating on cost accountancy or shelving tins of beans in Tescos. Or, in my case, last months sales figures.

Bitching about your creative worries is healthy but can get a bit tedious for the readers, so restricting it to one day a month is a jolly good idea! This is the day, guys, and this is your warning that there’s some whining under the cut!


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