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So that lovely lady at Signal Boost Promotions is running a Blog Tour for me right now with a nice little Rafflecopter giveaway attached. The winner will get a paperback copy of the book and there may possibly be another special gift too.

Check out the list:

August 21 – Love Bytes
August 22 – The Way She Reads, BooksLaidBareBoys, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, Nerdy Dirty and Flirty
August 23 – The Novel Approach
August 24 – Love That’s Out of This World
August 25 – MM Good Book Reviews
August 28 – Sinfully MM Romance
August 29 – Zipper Rippers, Sexy Erotic Xciting, Padme’s Library, Bayou Book Junkie, The Geekery Book Review, Louise Lyons
August 30 – Rainbow Gold Reviews
September 1 – Making It Happen
September 4 – Bayou Book Junkie
September 6 – Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words
September 8 – Diverse Reader
September 11 – My Fiction Nook

Some of the posts are blog posts, some are reviews. I’m filled with my usual mix of curiosity and trepidation about what people will think!

Meantime, many thanks to Signal Boost!

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Dawn to Dusk Tour Banner

Title: Dawn to Dusk
Series: Lover’s Journey, Book One
Author: Alina Popescu
Genre: Gay Romance, Contemporary
Length: Novel (over 50000 words)


That first encounter with Robert in rural Romania at eleven. A summer spent together in the same setting a year later. Their first text exchange in high school. The first sexual experience. The first heartbreak—the second and third and fourth chance. The point of total breakdown and the despair of failing. More love than anyone could have warned him about.

No matter how much time passes, no matter how different their paths, every meeting brings Edi and Robert closer together. Those stolen moments shine brighter than any. Yet loving Robert is not easy, not when Edi wants to be true to himself and is met with dishonesty. Or when Robert keeps parading new conquests and ignores Edi more often than not.

Edi has always loved Robert, but he must decide if his journey leads to or away from his childhood friend. Is it true love or is Edi just unable to let go?

Dawn to Dusk Cover

Buy Links

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I8FG8P4
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01I8FG8P4
Amazon DE: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01I8FG8P4
Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01I8FG8P4
ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-dawntodusk-2048734-149.html
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/649340


Prizes: 1 x $10 WIP Gift Card, 1 x $5 WIP Gift Card, 1 x ecopy of Br0th3rly (Famous on the Inernet, Book One).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


About the authorAlina Popescu

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.

Social Links

Site & Blog: http://alina-popescu.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/authoralinapopescu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/alina_popescu
Instagram: http://instagram.com/alinapopescuwriter
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/alina-popescu
Google+:  https://www.google.com/+AlinaPopescu
Amazon:  http://amazon.com/author/alinapopescu

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Craving Stains Blog Tour

Title: Craving Stains
Author:  Alina Popescu
Length: novella
Genre: gay, gay fiction, science fiction, paranormal, gay romance
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Wynn Brenwood has been trapped by his mother since birth, shut away in a sterile, hospital-like apartment.

Is it her desire to keep him safe that sees him locked up in his pristine cage? Or are her motives less innocent and well-intentioned?

Craving Stains by Alina Popescu Cover

Wynn longs to break free to experience the world he sees beyond his window.

Desperate to escape, he meets Doyle, a handsome, leather-clad, and enigmatic stranger.

But is Doyle real, or is he just a figment of Wynn’s imagination?

Book Trailer

Buy Links

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UUE58SU/
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UUE58SU/
Amazon AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00UUE58SU/
Amazon DE: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B00UUE58SU/
WIP: http://www.waywardinkpublishing.com/product/craving-stains-by-alina-popescu/
ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-cravingstains-1766728-145.html


Prizes: 1 x $20 WIP Gift card and 3 x ebook copy of Craving Stains by Alina Popescu


WYNN woke up with a start, splayed on his living room floor, gulping for air and feeling hot, sticky fluid all over his boxer briefs. “God damn it! It felt so real,” he yelled, a fresh wave of tears washing his face. He dragged himself to the bathroom and shed all his clothes.
Before throwing it into the laundry bin, he smelled his T-shirt. It held a trace of spicy cologne and male. Wynn’s hand flew to his mouth, covering the gasp. No, it was impossible, his brain was just making up scents that weren’t there. He threw it away with a huff, removed his now very sticky boxers, and went into the shower room, turning on the water and all the cleansing agents his mother insisted were added to the mix.
He massaged his body carefully, relaxing his muscles, tight and a little sore from sleeping on the floor. Every touch seemed to bring his body to life, more than ever before. Within minutes, he was panting, hard as a rock, and clear fluid dripped from the tip of his cock. He closed his fingers around the base of his shaft and started stroking lightly, tip to bottom and back again, just how he liked it.
“Doctor Miller is here for an unscheduled medical visit,” the central computerized system announced, the metallic voice making Wynn jump. He groaned, pushing down his frustration and turning the water to ice cold. He rushed through the rest of his shower and dried off quickly, walking into his bedroom to put on a pair of white sweats and a loose hoodie of the same color.
“What are you doing here, Doctor?” he asked in a sharp tone, not bothering with any niceties. “You shouldn’t be here for a few more days.”
The good doctor gave him an understanding smile and a nod, getting right on Wynn’s nerves. “Your mother ordered an emergency checkup. I hear you were not feeling well yesterday,” he explained in a honeyed voice, smiling as he took out scanners and other gadgets from his bag.
“I was angry she broke her promise again. I am perfectly healthy, and you should just pack your bag and get out,” Wynn said in an even voice, plopping down on a chair and eyeing the doctor with murderous intent.
“Your mother decides these things, not I.” The doctor shrugged and continued to arrange everything. Wynn stood as non-threateningly as he could, walked to the coffee table now filled with medical instruments, picked up a scanner, and threw it. He laughed as he watched it break into dozens of pieces against the thick glass of his window wall. The light buzzing of the maid bot hover propulsion was the only sound in the suddenly quiet room. Maud cleaned everything quickly and retreated to the kitchen.
“Doctor, unless you want me to break your stuff, all of it, and then punch you in the face, I suggest you pack up your bag and get out of my house.” Wynn turned swiftly and walked back into his room, giving the door a strong push to make sure it was loud when it closed behind him. He leaned against it, sticking his ear to the wood, listening for the sounds in the living room. Without a word, the doctor did as instructed.

About the author

Alina PopescuWriter, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.

Social Links

Site & Blog: http://alina-popescu.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/authoralinapopescu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/alina_popescu
Instagram: http://instagram.com/alinapopescuwriter
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/alina-popescu
Google+:  https://www.google.com/+AlinaPopescu
Amazon:  http://amazon.com/author/alinapopescu

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Title: Baked Fresh

Author: Annabeth Albert

Release Date: April 13, 2015

Pages or Words: 45,000 words

Categories: Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance

Publisher: Kensington

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde



From its famous coffee to the mouthwatering fare at its cafés, restaurants, and bakeries, Portland, Oregon, has a lot to whet the appetite, including the hard-working men who serve it all up—hot, fresh, and ready to go—with no reservations…

Vic Degrassi is a baker on the rise, and it’s all thanks to his rare ability to make—and keep—his New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight, giving up smoking, or graduating from culinary school, Vic goes after what he wants—and gets it. This year? He wants Robin Dawson, the sweet-hearted hottie who volunteers with him at the local homeless shelter. When he learns that Robin is suddenly single after being unceremoniously dumped, Vic is more than happy to offer a shoulder to cry on—or at least a fresh-baked pastry to bite into. But it’s been a long time since Vic’s gone on a date, and he’s nervous about risking his friendship with Robin. So when their flirtation turns into a steamy night together, Vic and Robin have to figure out if they’re friends with benefits or lovers in the making, and if Robin is ready for something more than just a rebound. There’s only one way to find out: turn up the heat…



“So, what’s your plan this year?” Cliff asked as we unloaded pallets of food for Victory Mission. The stinging December wind whipped through the loading dock, howling against the concrete walls. I had to strain to hear Cliff’s booming voice. “Sky diving? Marathon? How you gonna top last year, Vic?”

“Dunno.” I hefted a box of tomato sauce cans. That’s what everyone wanted to know—how I was going to top last year’s resolution to lose a hundred pounds. Truth was, I was pretty good at resolutions. Four years ago, I’d resolved to go to culinary school. Three years ago, I gave up smoking. And last year I lost 111 pounds. But this year I had a smaller, simpler goal in mind.

“Thought I might try dating.”

“Dating? As in a boyfriend?” Cliff snorted, a dry sound that echoed off the metal loading bay doors. “I’d go with a marathon.”

My stomach churned as I grabbed another box of rolls. I had my own doubts. I was hardly a prize catch. I hadn’t dated anyone in the four years I’d been working for Cliff. Never had a boyfriend beyond the rare three-peat hookup. ’Course, Cliff didn’t know about my hookups, but I hadn’t even had one of those in eight long months. Up until a few months ago, I hadn’t realized what I was missing. Ever since then, this weird, restless longing had plagued me. New Year’s was the perfect excuse to do something about it. Get out there.

“You guys done out here? Whole stack of boxes waiting inside. We don’t have all day.” Robin bustled out onto the dock, bringing a shit-ton of bad mood with him. A far cry from the sunny, talkative guy who made me think crazy thoughts, like that maybe dating wasn’t a terrible idea. He was gone before either Cliff or I could reply.

“What’s up with him?” I asked Cliff once I heard the pantry door shut inside.

“Melissa said Paul broke up with him.” Cliff always found the gossip. The food bank volunteers were like bored high schoolers, passing rumors around their shifts like joints at a party.

“Finally.” I didn’t realize I’d said the word aloud until Cliff laughed.

“Aha! On second thought, I highly approve of your resolution. I’m gonna have to get a bet going with Trish about whether or not you can land your man. Talk about aiming high though, kid.”

“Didn’t say anything about dating Robin,” I mumbled into a sack of rice. The last time Robin was single, I had spent months thinking about him. Wondering if he was out of my league. Knowing he was out of my league but trying to work up the courage to ask him out anyway. Coming to volunteer more often just to be around him. Then Paul swooped in like a star pitcher and sent me back to the minor leagues, where I belonged.

I readjusted my grip on the sack so I wouldn’t accidentally tear the darn thing in two. No, I wasn’t stupid enough to make a resolution to date Robin. I just wanted to get out there. Give myself a chance to maybe meet a nice guy who wouldn’t care about my food issues and my loose skin and my bald-by-choice look.

But now that Cliff had planted the dating-Robin idea in my brain, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Which irked the hell out of me. I’d worked hard to deep-six my crush on him. Finding out he was single was a stupid reason to unearth it. Robin was the nice guy of my fantasies. And fucking gorgeous. He was sex walking around in KEENs and hipster T-shirts. He was everything I wanted and everything I wasn’t ever going to have.


Once Vic resolves to be Robin’s rebound guy, can he convince Robin that they’re meant to be? Find out in BAKED FRESH!

Sales Links:

B&N ~ Amazon US ~ Amazon UK

About the Author:


Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer.

Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter.  In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

Represented by Saritza Hernandez of the Corvisiero Literary Agency


Where to find the author:

Website: www.annabethalbert.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AnnabethAlbert

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annabethalbert

Tumblr: www.annabethalbert.tumblr.com

Fan group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/annabethsangels/


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23450161-baked-fresh

Tour Dates & Stops: April 14, 2015

Parker Williams, MM Good Book Reviews, Divine Magazine, Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents, BFD Book Blog, Tara Lain, Hearts on Fire, Bayou Book Junkie, My Fiction Nook, Inked Rainbow Reads, LeAnn’s Book Reviews, Love Bytes, Rainbow Gold Reviews, Bike Book Reviews, Molly Lolly, Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews,Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings, Cathy Brockman Romances, Cate Ashwood, Three Chicks After Dark, The Fuzzy, Fluffy World of Chris T. Kat, Because Two Men Are Better, Than One, Charley Descoteaux, Foxylutely Book Reviews, Elin Gregory, Andrew Q. Gordon

There is, as ever, a prize allocated via Rafflecopter.

Click here for a chance to win a $10 gift card + a book from Annabeth’s backlist

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It’s Tuesday – or Tiw’s Day which is worth celebrating because Tiw, Anglo-Saxon god of ass-kicking, was the only one in the pantheon with the brass bound cojones to put his hand in the mouth of the Fenris Wolf. Commonly known as Lefty, Tiw was an all round hero, and we like heroes, don’t we.

Someone with a more than passing acquaintance with heroes is Amy Lane my guest today in celebration of the Foolish Encounters Anthology, which will be available tomorrow from Wilde City Press. Please stick around to read the excerpt and comment for a chance to win a prize.

Hi Amy, thanks for answering my questions. Could you tell me a little about your story in the anthology?

This is just a short– it’s the beginning of what could be a beautiful relationship, featuring a curious, upbeat delivery guy and a computer programmer who has been working from home just a little bit too long.

Could you please tell me about your other work?

I have got a long catalog! What’s important to remember is that this story fits in with my happy, lighter work– If I Must, Turkey in the Snow, Christmas With Danny Fit, and DoOver. It’s happy, sexy, and flirty– and I don’t do that with no strings attached very often, so it’s pretty special.

What are you working on at the moment?

The second half of the fifth (or is it eighth?) book in an epic urban fantasy m/m/f menage series that I started ten years ago.

Please could we have an excerpt?

Green hovered in the air and watched as the last batch of werewolves went sailing to the lake. They had not, as Cory suggested, combined forces and set their penises on fire while making them bleed out the asshole. (She’d been particularly cranky, and he couldn’t blame her, but still… bloodthirsty, his beloved, oh yes she was.)
But he knew the time was nearing when they had to take definitive action. They could not continue to live under siege when they were so close to having the means to defeat this enemy—one way or another.

Nicky touched down on one of the oak trees and changed form, sitting on the branch with his bare feet dangling beneath him. “Have you noticed,” he asked musingly, “that they don’t visit when the vampires are here?”
Green looked up and smiled at him, at his playfulness and his helpfulness, and his desire to be whatever they needed of him.

“I have,” he said smiling back. “I think they’re afraid.”

“Well, they should be. As far as they know, all of our vampires belch power and cook RV’s.” Nicky executed a cherry drop, landing at Green’s feet, and Green was so charmed he wrapped his arms around Nicky’s shoulder and placed a series of tickle kisses on his neck. Nicky laughed and turned into his embrace, standing on his toes so they could kiss in earnest, and Green closed his eyes to savor. Oh yes—Nicky was a blessing. He loved them all, and all he wanted from any of them was to be loved in return. He didn’t have the depth or complexity of Cory or Bracken—but Green had the feeling he’d made his peace with that. He was content to be simple, to give them affection, to take it as it was offered, and to take joy from every small moment.

Green would celebrate a lover like that to the moon and back. Nicky Kestrel was not the love of a life that spanned two millennia, but he was absolutely a lover for now—and now Green needed what Cory had needed: to, just for a moment, forget the depth of his fear for the people he loved.

Nicky opened his mouth under Green’s kiss, and Green fell into it happily. Who could know three years ago? The timid, slightly phobic young man who had been tragically forced into Green’s bed had turned into a sensual, happy lover. Green pushed the kiss, backing Nicky into the tree behind him, and Green ran his hands from Nicky’s neck down the outside of his arms, and then circled his slim hips with his long-fingered hands.

Nicky bucked against him, aroused almost instantly, and Green chuckled against his neck.

“Goddess, that’s good. What was that for?” Nicky gasped.

“Suddenly very much in love with you, lad—is that a problem?”

Nicky smiled sunnily. “I am so horny. Can we do something about that? You and me? Hell, throw in Bracken and Cory and my day is complete. Can we? Huh?”

Green nodded and continued to nibble on that flushed, pale neck.

Author Bio:

Amy Lane has two kids in college, two gradeschoolers in soccer, two cats, and two Chi-who-whats at large. She lives in a crumbling crapmansion with most of the children and a bemused spouse. She also has too damned much yarn, a penchant for action adventure movies, and a need to know that somewhere in all the pain is a story of Wuv, Twu Wuv, which she continues to believe in to this day! She writes fantasy, urban fantasy, and m/m romance–and if you accidentally make eye contact, she’ll bore you to tears with why those three genres go together. She’ll also tell you that sacrifices, large and small, are worth the urge to write.

website: http://www.greenshill.com
blog: http://www.writerslane.blogspot.com
Twitter: @amymaclane
FB: https://www.facebook.com/amy.lane.167
Amy is also on Pinterest

description here description here
description here description here

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Ho hum another Monday! But to sweeten the pill here is another interview from a series provided by authors who have contributed their work to the Foolish Encounters anthology, out on Wednesday from Wilde City Press.

Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a prize.

My guest today is Tinnean!

What inspired you to write your story for the anthology?

This might turn out to be longer than you wanted, Elin. Last year, Marc asked for wacky prompts for April Fool’s Day. I was working on the second book in my Mann of My Dreams series, and I drew a total blank. I didn’t want to leave Marc hanging, though, so I asked a friend for help. She came up with the idea of birds spying on terrorists, which seemed amusing. However, when it turned out I’d actually need to write it, I drew a total blank. One day, while I was walking through my complex, a sudden thought came to me: suppose I kept the birds, or at least a winged species, and changed the terrorist to humans who had left Terra millennia ago? Yeah, that was the ticket. And voila, Blue and Green Persuasion was born.

Could you tell me a little about it?

I’d love to! Humans had damaged one planet too many and were once again searching for another world in which to live. At the end of their resources, they find a blue and green planet like nothing mankind has ever colonized before. Hart, the chief scout, was born with a genetic advantage: given a few words in any language, he would be able to speak and understand it. When he’s sent out in his scout pod the Sarah O. to explore, he comes across a sky-dweller, a humanoid creature who’s able to glide through the beautiful blue skies.

Could you please tell me about your other work?

Sure, and thank you for asking! They Come By Night is the latest book I’ve had published by Dreamspinner. It’s a paranormal that takes place on an Earth slightly different from ours in that there are beings living among us, vampyrs, werewolves, and… dragons? The main character, Ty Small, is a sabor, someone whose destiny in life is to feed vampyrs. He’s very well compensated for that, and in addition, he falls in love with Adam Dasani, equerry to the vampyr king. Of course there’s always a fly in the ointment, and in this case, it’s Juan de Vivar, a disgruntled vampyr who’s unhappy not to be able to claim the vampyr throne and feels possessing Ty is all he needs to make the position his own.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on Greater Love Hath No Man. Originally this was a short that told the story of a character I’d introduced in another story, and it takes place in Great Britain between 1948 and 1976. James Trevalyan, heir to an old title, knows he won’t be spending his days in idleness. He comes from a long line of men who have lived to serve king and country.

Please could we have an excerpt?

This is from Blue and Green Persuasion:

Hart brought the Sarah O. to a gentle landing. “What’s the gravity?”

This planet’s gravity is 9.80665 meters per second squared.

“That’s good to know.” It meant once he stepped outside the pod, he wouldn’t be crushed or float away. “Thank you, Sarah.”

You’re welcome, Hart.

A glance at her gauges showed him the radiation level was human normal and the UV rays wouldn’t bake him to a crisp. It would be safe for him to leave the pod. Movement drew his attention, and he spotted some small, furry creatures through the view screen. He leaned forward to study them. They were about thirty centimeters in length, with a black stripe down their backs. Hart twisted the knob that activated the exterior audio, which would allow him to hear them.

They made a barking sound as they raced toward what must be their warrens and dove into them. The barks were simply vocalizations warning of danger; there was no other communication. These could be a form of nourishment, and his mouth watered at the thought of roasting one over an open fire.

“Sarah, analyze the atmosphere.”

Yes, Hart. She set to work.

Author Bio:

Tinnean has been writing since the 3rd grade, where she was inspired to try her hand at epic poetry. Fortunately, that epic poem didn’t survive the passage of time; however, her love of writing not only survived but thrived, and in high school she became a member of the magazine staff, where she contributed a number of stories.

It was with the advent of the family’s second computer – the first intimidated everyone – that her writing took off, enhanced in part by fanfiction, but mostly by the wonder that is copy and paste.

While involved in fandom, she was nominated for both Rerun and Light My Fire Awards. Now she concentrates on her original characters, and recent novels have received honorable mention in the 2013 and 2014 Rainbow Awards.

A New Yorker at heart, she resides in SW Florida with her husband and two computers.

Ernest Hemingway’s words reflect Tinnean’s devotion to her craft: Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only death can stop it.

She can be contacted at tinneantoo@gmail.com

She can be found on Live Journal http://tinnean.livejournal.com/
On Twitter @tinneantoo
On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tinnean

If you’d like to sample her earlier works, they can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/fl5/tinnssinns/Welcome1.html

Buy links
Dreamspinner: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5954
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/They-Come-Night-Tinnean-ebook/dp/B00S6ZT3I6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426812216&sr=8-1&keywords=they+come+by+night+by+tinnean
Are: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html

description here

description here

description here

description here

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Sunday – just the day to cwtch down with a good book and a Toblerone! But first please read this interview with the next author to contribute to the Foolish Encounters anthology, soon to be released by Wilde City Press. Just click on the cover to go to WCP’s website to learn more.

Or you could stay here, read the interview and comment to get a chance to win a prize!

My guest today is Tali Spencer

What inspired you to write your story for the anthology?

I wandered into a Facebook conversation one day where authors and readers were talking about creepy shifters and I quipped that spiders might be fun. Because spiders. I’ve toyed with spider stories for years. Arachnids are really quite admirable when you think about it, though not especially sexy. But they’re beautiful in their way. I used to play with tarantulas as a kid growing up in El Paso, Texas, and still love to watch web-weaving spiders in my garden. So when Marc asked me to write a spider shifter story for the anthology I thought it would be fun. I set the story in Wisconsin where I was born and called it “Well Hello, Eight Eyes.”

Could you tell me a little about it?

I went for the odd and wrote a contemporary fantasy. “Well Hello, Eight Eyes” starts out with Tanner, a young man deep in grief who risks going out on Lake Michigan despite knowing there will be storm. The storm destroys his boat and Tanner gets washed up on an island. The islanders are less than friendly but one of them—cute, quirky, and gay Cory—takes him in. Before long, they hit it off and Tanner decides to pursue the attraction. But Cory is acting mysteriously and there’s this small matter of spiders…. Actually, the spiders are a BIG matter!

Could you please tell me about your other work?

Most of my work is science fiction and fantasy, with a focus on character-driven plots. I like to have fun with the genre and some of my books are tongue-in-cheek. Thick as Thieves, for example, features a giant barbarian who uses a unicorn horn in an inappropriate way and ends up a bit sex-crazed. Some of my other work is much darker, like Sorceror’s Knot, which has violent themes. My free stories include a fun contemporary set in an Italian-American bakery, and I feature erotic serial science fiction on my blog.

What are you working on at the moment?

After a horrific year health wise, I’m putting finishing touches on the follow up to Thick as Thieves. I’m also writing two more books in my Uttor series. In addition, I’m vetting a completed epic fantasy for submission to my publisher.

Please could we have an excerpt?

Certainly, here’s a short piece from “Well Hello, Eight Eyes”

At least the fire burning in the stove was warm and cozy. Keeping the rest of his body securely covered, Tanner unbent his legs and thrust his bare feet out from the folds of the blanket and extended them toward the radiating heat. He didn’t expect Cory to jump from the sofa and back several feet. What the hell—
Cory’s eyes were wide and scared, his hair sticking up in a hairdresser’s nightmare. Catching Tanner’s look of surprise, he looked slightly abashed.
“Are your feet cold?” He moved toward the other room, probably his bedroom. “I don’t have slippers for you. My feet are small. But I have some big socks. I layer them in winter. They’re warm.”
“No, I don’t need socks. I’m just warming my feet at your nice fire. Stop being so jumpy and just sit down, okay?”
“Okay.” Still looking embarrassed, he edged back to the sofa. Gingerly, he perched on the edge. “I’ve never had a stranger in my house.”
“I can tell.” Tanner leaned forward, half expecting Cory to leap up again. “Why are you being so twitchy? Were you in combat or something? Iraq?”
That prompted a short laugh and a shake of Cory’s head. It was dry now, red with warm golden lights. “No. I… I’ve never left the island. I just… I’m careful. Maybe too much, but it’s because I’m different. I’ve always been different, different from people like you. Fragile.”
Tanner fought a grin. “You don’t look fragile.”
“I don’t?” Cory looked pleased. “How do I look?”
“Kind of cute. And hot, in a boy next door way.” He hadn’t been seeking a reason to go there, but… it was true. Cory’s big green eyes and shy smile, boyish freckles, and compact body were definitely cute, and the boldly colored plaid shirt only added to his vibrant appeal. In fact, his bounding energy was kind of adorable when it wasn’t startling the hell out of houseguests.

Author Bio

I am fascinated by swords, mythology, and everything ancient and magical. Sword and sandals? I’m in! But I also love bodice-rippers, Regency romances, magical realism, pulpy detective stories, cozy mysteries, and South American literature.

Though I grew up as a bit of a nomad, I currently live in Pennsylvania with my husband and travel whenever I can. Every destination yields a story or three.

When not writing, I read everything (really, everything), experiment with food, and take long walks with my loving, if slightly neurotic, poodle.
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Happy Saturday, peeps. Here is number three in the series of interviews with authors who have contributed stories to the Foolish Encounters anthology, which will be available from Wilde City Press on 1st April. Just click on the cover to be taken to the publisher’s website.

As usual with anthology interviews I am offering a small prize, so don’t forget to comment. The more often you comment the more bits of pape with your name on it go into my hat. I’m old school see – could be a pirate hat, a horned helmet, a Great War Tommy Atkins ‘tin titfer’ – it depends how I feel on the day. However I am prepared to take requests, if you have any preferences.

Anyhow I’ve kept my guest waiting long enough, so please join me in welcoming JC Jake Wallace.

Hi JC Jake.

What inspired you to write your story for the anthology?

I did a couple of prompts with the idea of what would happen if you tried to get someone’s attention and it went wrong. The first one involved a man who wanted to get a hot fireman’s attention so he climbed a tree and pretended he couldn’t get down. The second prompt was the one I chose to write about a skateboarder and a jogger.


Could you tell me a little about it?

Amateur skateboarder, Nicholas wants the attention of the hot jogger Quinn who he sees in the park every day. When nothing works he decides an impressive flip on his board is the thing he needs. Unfortunately that flip sends them both to the hospital. I’ve never written a story with a skateboarder before and had to do some research, but the focus of the story is on the evolving relationship between Nicholas and Quinn.

The late great Marc Bolan on a skateboard. Just lovely

Here is the blurb:

Skateboarder Nicholas O’Brien’s sole focus is on perfecting his sport, yet a gorgeous jogger who continually ignores him tests that concentration daily. Boarding into the jogger’s path finally gets him Quinn Matthews’ attention along with the brush off. Quinn is adamant that no man will ever take advantage of him again. When Nicholas persists, Quinn finds he can’t resist the enigmatic boarder. Just as he falls for Nicholas, Quinn learns that Nicholas just may have had an agenda all along. Devastated, Quinn pulls away, leaving Nicholas alone and confused. Can they overcome their pain and shred the heart?

Could you please tell me about your other work?

I have three novels out that are paranormal of dark fantasy. Curiosity Killed Shaney, Dare to Love Forever and Diventando: The Vessel I also have a few free contemporary short stories out as well. I try to write book length contemporary but someone always ends up imbued with an ancient power or a vampire or possessed by an Incubus, lol.


What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I am finishing a dark fantasy MPREG with demons and kidnappings, experimentation and slaves. This is my longest (over 90,000 words) and most complex story to date. I started this as a short story at the request of my friend, Raine O’Tierney who wanted an MPREG story about a tattooed gay man. Longest short story I ever wrote.

Also, I am working on my prompt from Goodreads annual Don’t Read in the Closet event. My prompt involves a recluse man who was scarred in a car accident and the rehabilitation therapist who takes the challenge to save him. Very angsty stuff. My specialty.


Please could we have an excerpt?


Nicholas’s gaze was jerky as he gazed out over the water. Quinn wondered if he was nervous. He took in Nicholas’s profile—the milky white skin, the barely noticeable freckles on his cheeks, the full red lips. He imagined their softness against his own lips, taking possession of him, owning him. But he needed to be strong. Never weak or needy or wanton. Never vulnerable again.

Nicholas looked to Quinn and the lusty gaze stole Quinn’s breath. There was a question in Nicholas’s eyes as he leaned closer, no doubt wondering if…

When their lips touched, Quinn couldn’t suppress his gasp. As if sensing Quinn’s hesitancy, Nicholas hovered, head tilted to the side, their lips brushing, but he ceased any other movement. Was he seeking permission to kiss him? A cold shudder raced down Quinn’s spine with the thoughts of hot tongues tangling in wet mouths. A sign was all Nicholas probably needed to go for it. Quinn closed his eyes and licked lightly across Nicholas’s bottom lip. The groaned response from Nicholas and the resulting crush of lips fueled his desire, raced his heart, and guided his hands to Nicholas’s hips, clutching, holding, wanting.

Nicholas grasped Quinn at the nape of his neck, controlling the kiss, eating at his lips, and devouring his whimpers. Nicholas pushed him higher, and Quinn’s cock throbbed in his dress pants, begging for any friction, any touch. Anything… everything. At that moment, his body belonged to Nicholas O’Brien, and he wanted whatever the man desired, wanted so much more than he could ever hope to have, could risk having again.

Author Bio:

JC “Jake” Wallace started writing from a young age, but took a break for marriage, kids, and college (in that order). A few years ago, he rediscovered his passion and ventured out into the brave new world of publishing. He now has several novels and short stories published. At night and on the weekends, Jake writes about all things men, believing there is nothing hotter than two men finding and loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, Jake loves a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending. He also writes what his bestie calls HUNK (Happy Until the Next Kidnapping). In his daytime hours, Jake works with individuals with autism and behavior problems. He is owned by a beautiful partner, three kids, two grandchildren, two dogs and one cat. He lives in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY.

Also by Jake:

Amber Allure

Dare to Love Forever  Book 1 New Vampire Justice

Diventando: The Vessel


R&P Publishing

Curiosity Killed Shaney



Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts

Pink Lace and a Stolen Proposal

Waiting for Snow


Author Info:
Website: http://www.jcwallacebooks.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jcwallacebooks.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jcwallacebooks

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7237038.J_C_Wallace

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jcwallace

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Good day – and here’s number 2 in our interview series from authors who have contributed stories to the Foolish Encounters anthology which will be available on April 1st from Wilde City Press.

Want to know more details – just click on the cover.

Please note: there is a small contest – comment to the post for a chance to win a small prize, provided by me personally. This is in no way affiliated to Wilde City Press’s formal book launch and blog tour which will taking place via Pride Promotions from April 8th. Look out for that, it’ll be rocking.

My guest today is Freddy MacKay, another prime mover in the inception of the anthology.


What inspired you to write your story for the anthology?

I picked a prompt from a Rainbow Gold Review event that had to do with an alien being the Easter Bunny. I grabbed the absurdity and ran with it. If an alien was the Easter Bunny then what else is possible? *mwahahaha*

Could you tell me a little about The Nut Job.

The Nut Job is a science fiction, absurdist story starring aliens from the IMP Universe (I shouldered into Angel Martinez’s Universe – the boys needed to know each other). We have have our Napoleon-complex captain, Spencer, who is awfully squirrelly. Bikkas, his first officer, who tends to get Sasquatch hunters after him when he visits our lovely planet. Bope, our timid bunny-shifter who is a helmsman and scout that doesn’t actually scout. And Krapor, the ship mechanic whose bending ability surpasses all expectations.

These four lovely Nutcracker crewmen are visiting Earth to collect nuts, specifically Walnuts from the Canadian wilderness. Of course, things don’t exactly go as planned.

Could you please tell me about your other work?

I write a variety of works in the Queer fiction genre, everything from contemporary to fantasy to science fiction. So, yeah, not a whole lot of focus on genre, but the core to my stories is the same. I want interesting literature showing a variety of characters, and emphasis is always the story, the characters and their journey. I love to explore human nature and all its facets.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on a fantasy short story and the third book in my Finding Peace series, Days Gone By.

Please could we have an excerpt?

The Nut Job

Thank the stars.
Finally, they could leave the outpost and not have to worry about delivering Rcrred anymore. He had been dropped off and signed for by their OIL contact, Sissal. Spencer normally felt a pang of guilt when the cobra shifter got stuck with a shit job, but not this time. As captain of the Nutcracker, all Spencer felt was relief that the dik-dik shifter couldn’t step foot on his bridge again.
“It’s peaceful.” Spencer exhaled, slumping in his chair. “No frantic yelling or nervous pacing.”
“Now that Rcrred is gone, yes,” Bikkas agreed. “Do you know he made me clean the kitchen three times after each meal? Three! Who in their right mind does that?”
Bope snorted. “The little Yervath definitely had issues.”
“Issues with a degree in bantering,” Spencer added.
They all nodded in agreement.
“I can’t believe the Home Office made us bring him.” Bikkas shoved away from his post, chair swinging in Spencer’s direction.
“We were on the way here. We couldn’t exactly say no,” he replied.
“I wanted to wring his neck when he organized the fitness station,” Bikkas grumbled.
“Same here.” Bope patted Bikkas’s arm. “Like when he reorganized my navigation files.”
Spencer’s tail flicked. “He alphabetized the kitchen pantry too.”
“Gods, how could one little dik-dik cause so much havoc?” Bikkas sighed.
“Spencer got even… stunned the little Yervath plenty of times.” Bope grinned, long ears swiveling. “I think Rcrred was building a tolerance.”
“He shouldn’t have gone near my chair.” Spencer sniffed and crossed his arms.
Bikkas wagged his finger at Spencer. “Rcrred had a twitch by the time we left him at Sissal’s. He’s going to report you.”
“He won’t,” Spencer said with more certainty than he felt. I hope. “Rcrred’s too em-barrassed about the first time I stunned him.”
They all nodded together again.
“That was pretty rough,” Bope shuddered. “You really shouldn’t have had the stun gun set that high.”
“I do not feel sorry for him.” Spencer tapped his claws against the armrests. “He was unbolting my chair.”

Author Bio

Freddy grew up in the Midwest, playing sports and running around outside. And honestly, that much has not changed since Freddy was small and throwing worms at other kids, expect worm throwing has been replaced with a healthy geocaching addiction. Freddy enjoys traveling and holds the view a person should continually to learn about new things and people whenever possible.

Freddy’s contemporary LGBTQ book, Incubation: Finding Peace 2, won 3rd Place – Best Gay Erotic Fiction in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. In 2013, Freddy’s story, Internment, tied for 3rd Place – Best Gay Fantasy in the Rainbow Awards. Freddy’s steampunk/SF story, Feel Me, was a Finalist and honorable mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards for SF.

Author Links

Email: freddy.m.mackay@gmail.com
Website: http://freddysstereograph.weebly.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FreddyMacKay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/FreddyMacKay

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~ A.E. Via ~
Edited by: Tina Adamski
Cover Art by: Jay Aheer
PAGE COUNT – 300 pages
Release Date: March 27, 2015


Life isn’t always fair, and that’s something that Llewellyn Gardner knows about first hand. His life was on the fast track until one night of extreme passion changed everything.
Now eight years later, he’s still living with the aftershocks of that night. Everywhere he turns or runs, there’s another reminder. What the hell do you do when you try to drown your demons only to find out they can swim?
Shane Smith, Jr. owner of Smith Construction, could see the emotional turmoil within his new employee — it’s why he hired him. There was something about the gorgeous, misunderstood man with the overly expressive eyes that came to their small town with a past no one was willing to overlook. Shane could see the good in Llewellyn, and those eyes of his were a clear window to his soul. Shane wasn’t going to let the man live a future of solitude because his past had been plagued with deceit.
Llewellyn wasn’t sure what to think about Shane. After years of protecting himself from being tricked twice, he was now faced with worry again. What would happen to him if Shane didn’t believe his truth, and walked away? Llewellyn wasn’t sure he’d be able to survive being left alone. Again.


“Thinking of going in? Or are you just gonna block the entrance?”
Llew turned at the sound of the sure voice behind him. Since he seemed to tower over everyone he looked down at the pretty brunette with dark brown eyes to match. “Um. Sorry.” Llew mumbled quickly moving out of her way.
“Well don’t be sorry shuga’, just escort a lady inside.” Llew didn’t blink as he watched the lady stalk towards him. Her full chest sat above an extremely narrow waist. It almost looked unnatural. She dressed and wore the amount of makeup that a grown woman would, but her smooth face and approach screamed her real age. She was jailbait if he’d ever seen one. Llew gave her a slight head nod and turned to leave when his elbow was hooked.
“I saw you in the general store applying for a job. You musta’ jus’ got into town, because if not I’d have known, honey. So you got kin here?”
The laugh was an all-out immature giggle and it graded on his nerves. “Cat got your tongue, darlin’”. She moved in even closer and dragged a long red nail down Llew’s arm, tilting her head back to look up at him. “You want me to beg, huh? Come on now, handsome. Escort a lady to a movie… then maybe -”
“Maybe when he sees’ a lady… he’ll escort one.”
Llew diverted his attention away from the overzealous minx that was practically humping his leg and focused on the beautiful man approaching with another guy in tow. His voice wasn’t overly deep like his own, it was a smooth and melodic southern drawl. Like he could be a singer or a poet. He walked with an unhurried gait that was a mixture of ‘I’m in charge’ and ‘you’re on my time, not the other way around’, and Llew found it sexy as fuck. His tall friend chuckled behind him, moving away to purchase their tickets. Is he on a date? No, their demeanor definitely said ‘friends.’
“Mind ya’ own business Smith, Jr. I saw him first.”
Smith, Jr.
The man hooked one thumb in his pocket not the slightest bit fazed at the remark. But Llew was thrown. Was this guy actually gay or was she being a smart aleck? The man gave him nothing to go on. He moved closer towards them and Llew got a nice whiff of his spicy, bold cologne when a cool breeze blew his way. It was an interesting contradiction, because the man’s entire persona said ‘cool and composed’.
“Mosey along, Sallie Ann. Don’t make me ring ya’ daddy. He told me keep an eye on you while he’s gone and I agreed. He’d be rather put out if I didn’t follow through on my promise.”
She reluctantly let go of his arm, letting loose a long drawn out huff of annoyance. Llew didn’t bother watching her walk away. She was irrelevant. With his hands tucked deep in his pockets he eyed the man in front of him with a mixture of curiosity and wistfulness.
“Sometimes a person has gotta’ run interference with that girl. She’s usually not that bad but her daddy’s outta’ town, so ya’ know how young girls can be.”
Actually, not really.
“Hi. I’m Shane Smith, Jr.” he stuck out a large, calloused hand and it took Llew a couple seconds to process that he was going to touch him. Llew shook his hand, his mouth still closed tight as he watched the man’s eyes. They were light brown and full of humor and amusement. He immediately thought that this was obviously a guy who had little worries if any in life. Wait a minute…Smith….Jr. Is he the owner of? He let go of the strong grip on his hand and wished he’d been able to hold it a little longer.
“And you are?”
Llew swallowed before answering. “Llew.”
Those eyes twinkled again and dark brown brows rose up in question. “Llew…just Llew.”
It was a humiliation when a man hated to tell someone his name. But by doing so it meant that they would soon know who he really was. Know who he was classified as. He didn’t want this man to know that, god help him he didn’t. But lying wasn’t an option. Fuck it. “Llewellyn Gardner.”
So many broke eye contact with him and Llew was more than intrigued that Mr. Shane Smith, Jr. was staring at him just as hard as he was staring back. He didn’t know why he was looking at him that way but he didn’t mind it.
“Now that’s a name.” Smith smiled beautifully.
Llew wasn’t sure if this guy was flirting with him or not, he’d been in a place where flirting didn’t exist for so long, he’d forgotten what it looked like…what it sounded like. The way Shane Smith, Jr. was smiling at him it sure seemed like it. Llew could imagine himself with a strong man like this. A man who was gorgeous but didn’t know it. Not overly done up in fancy digs, he was dressed like a working man but he wore that look well. He appeared simple but confident, like a man that followed his own counsel and was not easily persuaded. But Llew wouldn’t dare get his hopes up. As soon as word got out that there was a newly registered sex offender in their quaint little town, Smith, Jr. might be leading the lynch mob to run him out of there.

Amazon Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Defined-By-Deceit-A-E-Via-ebook/dp/B00UZDNRJI/ref=zg_bs_7588788011_13


A.E. Via is still a fairly new author in the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children.

While this is only her seventh novel, she has plenty more to come. So stalk her – she loves that – because the male on male action is just heating up!

Go to A.E. Via’s official website http://authoraevia.com for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, and where she’ll appear next.

Author Official Website: http://authoraevia.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7354860.A_E_Via

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/aeviaauthor

Facebook (Friend me): https://www.facebook.com/authoraevia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorAEVia

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/A.-E.-Via/e/B00GMNMS4U/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1


Click the graphic below to be taken to the Rafflecopter page.

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