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I used to enjoy doing this so I think I’ll start doing it again – though not necessarily on every Saturday.

What I’ve read:

Hunger Makes The Wolf Blood Binds The Pack

Two books telling one excellent story. Sort of Dune meets Firefly plus some really pointed references to historical abuse of workers that made me cringe with anticipation because I’d recently read some articles on the US Coal Wars in the early 1900s. There are some LGBT relationships but the most important thing is friendship, mutual trust, and cooperation. At the heart of the story are two women – hard-nut Hob and initially-domesticated Mag who discovers a diamond core after a horrific experience. Best friends and nearly-sisters, their support for each other spills over to the community around them. Then there are the Wolves, the mercenary gang Hob belongs to, who perform tasks for pay up to and including murder, if they feel it justified. Some of the wolves are so memorable that I desperately want to see another book about them.

The story isn’t a romance, although there are romantic elements, but it ticked every single box on my checklist of what I hope for when I open a sci fi or fantasy novel.

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