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Sometimes it’s really worth checking out backlists. There are some marvellous books out there but with hundreds of new titles every week it can be very hard to find them.
Authors – have you got a title a year or more old that could do with a little love?
Readers – have you got a favourite book that you think deserves some attention? Message or email me and we’ll set something up.


My guest this week is R J Scott and I want to show a little love for her backlist title The Gallows Tree. This is a gentle romance with an American adrift in the green peace of England, an historic house in need of restoration and a creepy paranormal twist. Great fun with a few little chills.


Cody Garret is only just finding his way after an abusive relationship ended with his ex in prison. Coming to England to restore Mill Cottage is his way of running so he has time to heal. His goal is simple-hire a company to help make the mill cottage saleable then go back to the States.

What he doesn’t count on is meeting Sebastian Toulson-Brown, the brother of his contractor and the man who may be able to show him he can stop running.

But first Cody and Sebastian must deal with the ghosts of lost loves and the destinies that are woven into the story of the mill and the sycamore trees that stand on its land, one of which might be the gallows tree.


Lower Ferrers. Please drive carefully.

A big speed sign with a 30 in the middle and another warning for horses sat directly under, and he immediately lifted his foot off the gas until he was driving at more like half what the limit was. He wanted to remember every image of the next few minutes of his life. He had finally arrived at the place his mom’s gran, his own great-gran, had left at the end of the war as a Yankee bride. The long curve of the road ran through dense trees that formed an arch of fall golds and browns over his head, and then suddenly, the village was laid out in front of him.

He couldn’t just drive in. He needed to stop and think about this final step. What if this was all wrong? This could be the worst decision of his life. What the hell did he know about renovation? He indicated and pulled off to the side of the road just past the signs and onto a widening in the narrow road next to a gate into fields. This was the England his great-gran had spoken about.

The village was stunning. Beautiful. Old houses with crooked roof lines staggered drunkenly up the road all built in a soft weathered brown and gray stone. Each had a chimney and seemingly randomly placed windows. Cody counted six of these cottage-style houses and above them the top of twisted chimneys on a far grander building. Great oaks and sycamore trees, now with leaves of fall gold and red, towered over the cottages and the twisting road that followed their path upwards. Cody listed adjectives in his head. This was much better than green. This was an idyllic, picture-postcard place, and it was everything he had ever been told about this English village. On the opposite side of the road was a larger dwelling, and he saw the sign outside that proclaimed it as the Ferrers’ Arms.

The inn with the slate roof was where he was staying with an open-ended booking. He didn’t know how long his stay would be. It could be a month or it could be the full six months. When he moved on depended on so many factors, not least of which was having somewhere to move to. He had a strange feeling inside, and he realized it was a sudden and renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Panic and fear still clung tight in his chest, but his breathing was steady, and the sounds of the village—sheep in the field, horses, birds—and the perfect stillness of the fall sky was utter peace. He closed his eyes and breathed deep. One minute he had been on the highway to hell, and within an hour, he was in the quiet and calm of a village that had been here for centuries. What was it people said? Stepping back in time or something like that. Standing here it certainly felt like he was entering another world.

Was it possible that by his arrival here in the village where his family had roots he was taking a controlled step away from his past rather than running blindly?

The Gallows Tree


My goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

I’ve has been writing since age six, when I was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies and the mixing bowl. You can’t tell a six year old not to lick the bowl!

I was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader myself, I can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, my first real true love will always be the world of romance. I love my cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and love to write dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men. (Yum)

With over 90 titles to my name and counting, I am the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway, which was All Romance Ebooks best selling title of 2010.

I’m also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

I’m always so thrilled to hear from readers, bloggers and other writers. Please contact via the following links below:

Email RJ (rj@rjscott.co.uk) | Goodreads Page | RJ’s Blog | RJ on Twitter | Facebook
Library Thing Page | Tumblr (some NSFW (not safe for work) photos) | Pinterest

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comfy chairMy guest today is Hans Hirschi who has very kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his latest release Jonathan’s Promise. Don’t forget to scroll down for the rest of the blog tour schedule, excerpts and a link to a very generous Rafflecopter giveaway! But first the interview.

Welcome Hans.

The first time I interviewed you was in 2013 just before the release of your first published novel. Has your writing process changed much since then?

First, thank you Elin, for hosting me again. The most accurate answer would probably be a cautious yes. When I wrote Family Ties, quickly followed by Jonathan’s Hope, all in the space of five weeks, I had no idea what I was doing, what the whole writing process in the literary space was like. I had only written non-fiction prior to that date. So from a “crafts” process, I’ve learned a lot, from my editors, my publisher.

My writing process, in terms of the artistic aspects is still largely the same. Yes, I may plot a little bit more from a conscious point of view, e.g. knowing from the get go how Jonathan’s Promise would end. However, I still begin with an image in my mind and let the characters run with it, and I’m still the first reader seeing the story unfold in front of my eyes, with all that entails in terms of laughter, sorrow and the odd surprise I wasn’t prepared for.

How do you sustain the same tone for a character from book to book, especially when taking time off between to write other stories?

I hadn’t even considered this, honestly. First of all, I don’t write series, so Jonathan’s Promise was never even on the radar. When the boys came back, and I finally gave in and began to write, I was challenged with a timing question: when do I return? Do I return to a time after Jonathan’s father’s funeral (the end of the story), or do I return to the end of the book, after the epilogue, which is sixty years later. In the end, I did the latter, and the Jonathan’s Promise picks up around the time of the epilogue, so Jonathan is an old man, no longer an eighteen year old. So, to finally answer your question, it wasn’t a big thing, old men don’t really speak like their young selves, but to make sure I used the same terms of endearment within the couple’s conversations etc. I made sure to re-read Jonathan’s Hope. Turns out, my subconscious has a much better memory than my conscious mind does.

Now you are established in the genre do you have any advice for new writers? Is there any thing you wish that someone had told you?

There are a lot of things I wish I had known back then. I write gay fiction with a genre I’d call LGBT fiction, where the vast majority of people write gay romance. I usually feel like something the cat’s dragged in. However, even as someone who doesn’t write romance novels, I’ve been very warmly accepted by my peers, and I’m really grateful for that reception. I would’ve loved to have known about all those conventions back in 2013. I didn’t learn “that” lesson until a year later, and I missed out, because I’ve come to understand that much of a writer’s success in the industry lies in old-fashioned mouth-to-mouth propaganda, recommendations. And the readers who we meet at cons, the ones we form relationships with and with whom we communicate on social media in between the cons, they have huge networks and influence many people around them. I lost a good year there. Then again, I didn’t know what animal I was, and I had no real clue about what was out there, even though I had read a lot of books. I just didn’t connect the dots. Talking to colleagues has helped. So that would be my tip: talk to colleagues in the industry. It’s been my experience that authors are extremely helpful creatures! 🙂

What are you working on now? Can you tell us a bit about it?

I don’t have a WIP right now. I just sent a manuscript to one of my editors, a collection of LGBT shorts, very literary. We’ll see how I use those stories. The next project are my cons. After every book release, there’s lots of marketing work, and Jonathan’s Promise will be followed by Jonathan’s Legacy in the fall, the final piece in this unexpected trilogy. Once my publisher sends me back the edits, my work starts again, going through those and cleaning it up for publication. I have no writing plans right now, which is “odd”, but I tick differently than most others. I need to clean my head from an ongoing project before I can focus on something else. Once an image pops up, I’ll know if it holds up for a novel…

Can we have an excerpt please?

Sure. This scene shows us a glimpse of Jonathan’s “morning routine”. It doesn’t give away too much of the plot. After all, I want you to read it! 😉

“Jonathan woke up early the next morning. Outside, the night had not yet given up its daily rule, clinging on for all it had, growing stronger with the approaching winter solstice. Jonathan looked at his watch. Six a.m.? If only I could sleep a little longer. He got up and went through to the large en suite bathroom to relieve himself. He had to smile inwardly as he thought about how his body was falling apart for every year he got older. Even peeing was becoming a bit of a challenge, and he had to get up more than once during the night, feeling as if he’d drunk a couple of pints of beer. It’s just not fair.

But it was what it was, and there was nothing he could do. At least he didn’t have prostate troubles the way Dan had. Thankful for small mercies, eh? He looked up at the ceiling, shaking the last drops from his dick before flushing the toilet and washing his hands. He put on a robe and walked slowly downstairs to the kitchen. Coffee! I need coffee.”

Excerpt From: Hans M Hirschi. “Jonathan’s Promise.” iBooks.


jonathans promise
TITLE: Jonathan’s Promise 

Trilogy: Book Two

Hans M. Hirschi

Track Publishing

Natasha Snow

214 Pages

March 31, 2016

Jonathan made Dan a promise – a promise that will affect the remainder of his
life. But what does he have left to live for?

When their grandson
Parker and his fiancé Cody move in with him, the three of them embark on a
journey to shed light on Dan’s roots.

A heart-warming sequel
to Jonathan’s Hope, Jonathan’s Promise deals with aging and the ultimate
consequences of wedding vows. Are we entitled to a second shot at happiness?
When is ‘for worse’ too much to handle?

this trilogy:

Jonathan’s Hope (Book
Jonathan’s Promise
(Book 2)

Jonathan’s Legacy (Book 3) 




“Yes, Hon, what is it?”

“I’m tired.”

“I know. Just rest. You
need your strength for tomorrow.”

“I’m not sure I want to…”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just not sure it’s
worth it, Jon…” Dan started to cough. Jonathan rose from his chair at his
husband’s bedside to offer him some water, gently lifting and holding Dan’s
head while he took down the cool, soothing liquid.

When the coughing
eased, Dan patted Jonathan’s hand. He waited until Jonathan was seated before
he spoke further. “Thanks. I’m old, hon. And I’m tired. I’ve lived a long and
rich life, and you know what the doctor said. There’s only a very small chance
the surgery will help. The tumor’s already metastasized, and even with chemo
I’ll die sooner rather than later. Maybe it’s better to just get it over with.”

Jonathan began to cry,
tumbling forward in his despair. His head came to a rest on his husband’s
chest. They’d been a couple for so many years―six decades. How would he go on without
Dan’s strength? How could he survive without the man who’d saved his life?

“Hon, don’t worry about
me. I need you now, probably more than ever. I need to know you’ll stay strong
for the kids. They need you.”

Dan’s words began to
slur and his eyes closed. Even talking took so much effort. When he was sure
Dan was asleep, Jonathan left their bedroom and went downstairs, out to the back
patio, where he left the crisp, fresh fall air to dry the tears on his face. He
was tired, too. Dan’s cancer had come back. They’d thought he’d beaten it, but
the last screening showed the dark shadows in his bones and his lungs. After
three years of clear results, it had come completely out of the blue, and the doctor
said that it had also spread to other areas of the body.

That was just a few days
ago, and Dan had accepted the news with equanimity. He had made peace with
himself and the world around him when the cancer had first been diagnosed in his
prostate. Back then, there was still a sparkle in Dan’s eyes, a determination
to fight this, a will to survive. But at ninety years of age, Dan was tired,
and Jonathan knew―or rather he felt―that his husband was done. And he
understood, but that did not diminish the pain, the despair. Yes, he’d be
strong for the kids, the grandkids, but who’d look after him? Who’d make sure
he survived?





I’m an author. I write books. I write about things that are important to me: family, parenting, children, our environment, our world. Contemporary, fresh fiction with happy endings. It’s what I like to read myself. I write because I don’t have a choice. There are so many stories in my head, constantly forming, constantly trying to get out. Feel free to have a look on the other pages to learn more, listen to me narrate from those stories, and – if you like what you see or hear – follow the links to buy the books. I’d greatly appreciate that, as this is how I try to make my living.

I’m an author. But I’m also a forty something male who clings to the illusion of still being twenty-seven, despite my body’s daily reminders to the contrary. I’m married to the most amazing man, and together we have a beautiful son, Sascha. I consider myself a citizen of the world, having lived on two continents and traveled extensively through another three. I have friends all over the world. When I’m not writing, I like to do public speaking or training (where I have my professional background) to actually earn some real bill-paying money. Not sure this author thing is ever going to get me there…


$50 Amazon GC

Runner Up Prize: 5 e-copies of Jonathan’s
Promise (Book 2) / Jonathan’s Hope (Book 1) – Winner’s Choice

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Book Description:

When V’s life crumbles around her, she has two options: let it take her down with it or dive straight in

Virginia “V” Dunn is alone when her dog is hit by a car. Lucky’s back leg is shattered, and when she comforts him, his blood is wet on her hands. Suddenly, the monotony of V’s suburban life dissolves: Lucky is in a cast; her best friend, Eileen, is avoiding her; her mother’s drinking is getting worse; and her father is sick with a mysterious illness. Although V is surrounded by family, she is the loneliest girl in town.

As V begins to question everything—death, friendship, family, betrayal—she finds there are few easy answers. The people she thought she knew are strangers, and life’s meaning eludes her. Into this mystery walks the captivating Jane, and V soon realizes that the only way forward seems to break every rule, and go beyond all limitations.


Sometimes the night never ends; it just breaks into light and we pretend. I am alive, though I tend to forget that when I’m pretending, and I’m fifteen. I have sweeping dark hair and hazel eyes that turn green when I cry. Sometimes I rub my hands together, maybe just to see if it’s really me. I wear the glasses I’m supposed to wear when I’m in the mood and when- ever I remember my sunglasses because the day hurts my eyes. Maybe the pretending has torn the edges of who I am, so the result is a frayed and sensitive me.

If the night never ends, who can see? The day boils down to pretending what is and is not there. Because she does not want me to, I do not see the black eye on my mother’s face as the bruise changes, fades a blotchy red to a tattered purple, then spreads to flat green.

Because he assumes nobody does, I do not see the increasingly bloodshot eyes of my brother as he stares past me at dinner. And I do not see the raised eyebrows on Baby Teeth’s face that settle more frequently into surprise as she watches and help-lessly learns this pretending game. I wish I could tell her she doesn’t have to play, though if she’s to survive life in this house, she will.

So I do not notice that on the days that we do not go to the hospital, she spends every afternoon at other people’s houses now. And I especially do not see the absence of my father at dawn when he does not kiss the sleeping Baby Teeth good-bye before he climbs down the stairs in his solid brown shoes and goes to work. And I do not see his absence as I pass his empty chair at night when I walk into the kitchen to feed my dog. The last thing I do not see is my tilting, limping Lucky as he waits by his empty bowl, or the image of the vile green VW that hit him.

So what do I see? That I have learned to pretend so well, I can do it with my eyes open. April has ended, and its cruelty too,   I hope, when we weren’t looking, or were busy pretending, or maybe while we slept.

So it’s May. And what does it bring? April showers bring May flowers. Well, really. I try to remember, uncertainly, if there was a lot of rain last month. No. But please flower anyway, all over me. I’ll keep my eyes open. Maybe it won’t happen all at once, the way change seems to. Now that’s something. Change blooms.


Stacey Donovan is a critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction for adults and young adults. She is the founder of Donovan Edits, and has edited or ghostwritten more than twenty-five books, including three New York Times bestsellers and several nonfiction titles that have become leading works in their respective fields. Donovan lives in New York, where she continues to write and edit.

Author Links
Buy Links
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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My guest today is Charley Descoteaux, one of my favourite people , whose work is always fresh and unusual and features a host of diverse and compelling characters. Welcome Charley!

Guest post below the book details and below that there’s a cracking long excerpt and a contest. Good luck.

Author Name: Charley Descoteaux

Book Name: Torque

Release Date: February 23, 2016

Pages or Words: 47,337 words

Contemporary Romance,
LGBTQ+ Fiction

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Cover Artist: Kanaxa



Sometimes letting things get complicated is the best way to figure it all out.

Mick Randall is on the run, from the biker culture he grew up in and his impossible vision of love. Alaska should be far enough to escape his old life—until he rolls into a wrecking yard and gets lost in a pair of pale, bottle-green eyes.

Scotty Bell has spent years learning to channel his fiery temper into the heat of a welding torch. His sexual heat has always been slower to ignite, but one look at Mick rouses confusion alongside desire. In all his life, he’s only been attracted to one other person—his best friend, Mercy Taylor.

Mick lands a temporary job at the yard, and finds an uneasy crash pad at Scotty’s place…where the ragged ends of his emotions get tangled up in Scotty and Mercy’s relationship.

But when Mick hears a Harley engine from his past bearing down on him, his first instinct is to go back to the half-life he’d been living. Lest his secrets destroy the only two people who’ve ever made him feel whole.

Warning: Contains references to abuse, subversive ideas about sexual identity and gender expression, and a free-range bisexual on a mission.

Guest Post

Thanks for having me, Elin! I’m thrilled to visit your lovely corner of the web and talk a little about my new release, Torque.

Torque is a ménage but it’s a little different than most of the poly Romances I’ve read. I’ve read MMM, MMF, and FMF, but the books I’ve found have featured three (or more!) cisgender players. Torque is MMF with a bisexual man (Mick), a man on the ace spectrum (Scotty), and a trans woman (Mercy).

I didn’t set out to write this exact story. Torque started out as Mick’s story. I liked the idea of a mechanic and a welder getting down and dirty together but had no idea Mercy would drive her truck into a scene and become such an important character. In fact, pretty much everything that happens in her first scene surprised me. I love it when that happens!

However. My first impulse was to force the story back in the direction I originally thought it would go—Mick and Scotty finding their Happily Ever After with each other. Except once I got to know those two I realized how difficult that would be. Neither of them had ever been in a real relationship and neither are big talkers. If I’d left them to their own devices they might still be circling each other trying to figure things out. Or worse, they easily could have butted heads enough to set Mick back on the road. As much as I wanted it to be true, Mick and Scotty didn’t make a believable couple on their own.

Once I got that far I considered giving Mercy some POV time, letting her have her say on the page. Mercy is such a charismatic character she could have easily taken over the story (and Scotty had already come close to doing that). I love Mercy, but had to consider whether putting readers inside her head would make Torque a little too different for many LGBTQ+ Romance readers. I love pushing boundaries with my fiction but there’s no value in that if nobody is interested in reading the stories once they’re written. My incredible editor helped me find a middle ground—at least I think so! I’m anxious to find out what readers think, so if you take a chance on this unconventional ménage I hope you’ll let me know!


Copyright © 2016 Charley Descoteaux
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Mick slept on the couch for two weeks before Scott let him get dinner. Mick brought a pizza, hot wings and a six-pack. When he offered Scott a beer, Mick thought for a second he was about to get decked.

“No thanks, I don’t drink. But you go ahead.”

Mick put five bottles in the fridge and popped the top on the sixth. The long pull of rich beer felt like cool water after he’d been walking for weeks in the desert.


“Nope. I got enough of that before I was even born, I don’t need any more.”

It only took half a beer for Mick to get past the uncomfortable feeling he should’ve asked Scott to tell him more, or that he should’ve switched to Mountain Dew. Scott rented an On Demand movie, something forgettable with vampires, and they sat in their places on the couch and divided their attention between the movie and the pizza for the next two hours. Tom camped out in his usual spot between their thighs, graciously accepting all the chicken and pepperoni tributes offered to him.

After the movie was over they watched another one on HBO, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Mick had a nice buzz going and was happy to sit back and listen to Scott talk about his project—the VW Microbus he was converting into a flatbed. A warm, fuzzy feeling Mick almost didn’t recognize as happiness set up camp in his gut, and life was good.

He thought, more than once or twice, that Scott leaned toward him in a way that was a little more than friendly, but it had to be the beer.

Too bad.

Mick jerked in surprise when he realized he’d started to lean toward Scott. He had no right to be “more than friendly” to Scott. None at all.

Scott reached out to grasp his shoulder. “You okay, Mick?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Are you ready for bed?” Scott kneaded his shoulder, sending a current through his body.

“The movie isn’t over.”

“It’s not very good. If you don’t want to finish it, that’s okay with me.” Scott smiled and sat back against the couch, releasing Mick’s shoulder.

He couldn’t help himself, he leaned forward. Only a little bit. He didn’t want to lose Scott’s touch. In that moment, he couldn’t think of anything more important than Scott touching him, not even self-preservation.

Mick Randall wasn’t a stranger to self-medicating with alcohol but before he found Bell’s he hadn’t had a lot of money to spare, and lately he hadn’t had the time. Together, those circumstances had turned him into a lightweight. That had to be the explanation for why he saw a come-on in every glance and heard innuendo where surely Scott didn’t mean any. He’d have to be a lightweight to want so badly to respond to Scott’s touch with an embrace.

Maybe I should quit drinking.

Mick wasn’t capable of walking in a straight line by the time he hit the can, but it didn’t matter. Four beers was plenty and he’d take the other two out of Scott’s fridge the next day and remember not to bring more. If he wanted a drink, he wouldn’t have to drive far. When he left the bathroom his thoughts centered on that warm, happy feeling, and what he could get up to the next day. Before he knew what was happening, Scott had him backed against the wall, both hands spread across his chest.

All that fuzzy warm happiness disappeared, replaced by a tiny shiver of panic mixed with a side of relief. The relief tangled with a mix of “fucking finally” and “what the fuck” that made Mick dizzy. Or maybe that’s just the beer.

“Scott. Maybe I should sleep somewhere else tonight.”

“Yeah. Like in my bed with me.”

“I was thinking like my car, or a motel.”

Scott frowned and pushed him back against the wall harder, caressing his chest and shoulders as he did. The contrast of the unyielding wall against his shoulder blades and the man in front of him spun Mick’s head around once. “You don’t feel anything like Mercy. I knew you wouldn’t.”

“Don’t you think Mercy would—”

“She wouldn’t care. I’m not the only one she fools around with.” Scott leaned against him, chest to chest, close enough to kiss.

“Let me go.” Mick took hold of Scott’s shoulders and tried to push him back, but Scott was stronger than he looked.

“No. I don’t want to.”

“What am I supposed to do now?” Mick couldn’t see a clear path to the door. Panic reared up in the back of his mind—he had no game plan for this, no idea what his part should be.

“You can let me blow you. Or you can blow me. I don’t care who goes first. You want me, don’t you?”

Mick tried to speak but couldn’t. He couldn’t get a decent breath either, not with Scott’s hands on him. He nodded and tried to pull himself together.

“Haven’t you ever hooked up before?”

“Yeah.” Liar.

“Well, so have I. I’m not a little kid. You don’t have to—”

“I know you’re not.” Mick squeezed Scott’s shoulders, anxious to learn how his skin felt over those hard muscles, how those muscles looked when he moved. “I know.”

“So why—”

“I’ve hooked up before.”

“So why not with me?”

“Because it’s different with you. I mean, it would be— I can’t…”

“You think I’m an idiot? Too dumb to know what to—”

“No! No. That has nothing to do—” Mick saw something in Scott’s eyes that made the rest of that sentence turn to dust in his throat. He swallowed hard and was about to—no idea what he was about to do, but he couldn’t stand there forever—when he saw something else that stopped him. “You’re shaking.”

“Yeah.” Scott’s voice had a hard edge so when he surged forward, his erection pressing against Mick’s thigh, it was unexpected.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m trying to keep from punching you in the face.”

“Why do you want to punch me in the face?”

“Because you’re pushing me away. I thought you liked me.”

“I do like you. But—”

“Don’t say it’s not right. I’m dumb but I’m not—”

“I didn’t say you were dumb. You’re not dumb.” Mick could barely speak past his desire, so his last few words came out as breathless as he felt. He’d started panting and the sound filled the short hallway. “Please don’t punch me in the face.”

Scott frowned, but fear and pain was mixed up with the anger and desire showing in his light bottle-green eyes. Mick felt it all right along with him.

“Maybe I should go.”

When Scott didn’t respond Mick slid against the wall, sideways. In just a few steps, Mick wasn’t supporting all of Scott’s weight anymore, didn’t feel his tense muscles or his heat. Mick gingerly pushed off from the wall and walked backward, toward the living room.

“You don’t have to.”

“I think I do.” Mick sat on the sofa to pull on his boots and Scott dropped onto the cushion beside him. Mick straightened, one boot on and one off, and Scott grabbed him and kissed him.

Buy the book:


Samhain: https://www.samhainpublishing.com/book/5726/torque

Amazon US:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016XTORUK

All Romance eBooks:  https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-torque-1937773-149.html


Meet the author:


Charley Descoteaux misspent a large chunk of her youth on the back of a Harley, meeting people and having adventures that sometimes pop up in her fiction. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during a drought, and found her true home in the soggy Pacific Northwest. Charley has survived earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, but couldn’t make it through one day without stories.



Where to find the author:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charley.descoteaux.3

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/CharleyDescoteauxAuthor/?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharleyDescote

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/charleydescote/

Blog: http://cdescoteauxwrites.com/


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27304313-torque


Rafflecopter Prize: $20 Amazon gift card

Tour Dates & Stops:


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Callum's Fate Tour Banner

Title: Callum’s Fate
Author: Dianne Hartsock
Genre: Fantasy, Gay Romance, Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


In 1780, Scotland, following a harsh year of drought, Callum Mackenzie is forced from his father’s farm in the hopes of finding work.

But as fate would have it, Callum is lured onto the moors by the will-o-the-wisp. Lost in the dark, he falls into enchantment, encountering faeries and nymphs, until he stumbles into the arms of a licentious Barrow-Wight who lays claim to his soul.

Hearing his silent pleas, Donal sends Liam the gruagach (faery) to rescue Callum and bring him to his farm, a place of refuge from the Fae.

Callum is happy working on Donal’s farm, slowly falling in love with the beautiful, silver-haired gruagach.

Yet there’s something wrong in the nearby forest….

Despite Donal’s warnings, Callum is lured into the forest and becomes tangled in its magic, easy prey for the Barrow-Wight.

Will Liam be able to strike a deal with the Barrow-Wight to save Callum’s life, or has Callum found his last resting place instead?

Callum's Fate Dianne Hartsock Cover

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WIP: http://www.waywardinkpublishing.com/product/callums-fate-by-dianne-hartsock/
Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Callums-Fate-Dianne-Hartsock-ebook/dp/B01B383YP0/
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ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-callum039sfate-1973471-143.html


He went on when the other man kept silent. “I know your magic guards us, keeps us safe from the dangers of the moors. But why, my friend, when you get so little from us in return? Surely there are other places more deserving of your attention, those who can give you a rich home, full of luxuries?”
Liam flashed him a look Donal couldn’t decipher, a mixture of laughter and something else. “You didn’t think I’d forget the wee lad who saved me from the brollachan all those years ago?”
Donal laughed softly at the memory. “If a certain lovely brownie hadn’t been caught in the rafters with the faery queen’s son…. She sent those evil creatures to eat you alive.”
The gruagach shuddered. “Worse. They would have possessed me and done great harm to the world through me.”
“Instead, those bogies chased you down the well. The way you screeched, I thought they’d trapped my new kitten down there.”
“And you drove the most feared creatures that walk the night off with a club. I suppose proving that righteous anger conquers evil.”
“I think the saying is ‘love conquers all things’. I wasn’t about to let them hurt my kitty.”
“You did seem surprised when you pulled me from the well instead.”
Donal’s expression softened. “You were so beautiful.”
Liam brushed the light hair from Donal’s eyes. “And you stole my breath, young as you were then.”
“I was fifteen, Liam. Old enough to know my heart.” Donal leaned forward and kissed the gruagach’s sweet mouth. He sighed, remembering the joyful days and nights that had followed, learning the pleasures of another man’s body. The gruagach had been gentle, sensual. He had become lost in bliss and elation.
“I loved you,” he confessed. “I hadn’t wanted to hurt you.”


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Callum's Fate 3D Cover

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About the author

DIANNE HARTSOCK is the author of m/m erotic romance, both contemporary and fantasy, the psychological thriller, and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and a floral designer. If she can’t be writing, at least she has the chance to create through the rich colors and textures of flowers and foliage to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Currently, Dianne lives in the Willamette Valley of Oregon with her incredibly patient husband, who puts up with the endless hours she spends hunched over the keyboard letting her characters play.

Social links

Website: https://diannehartsock.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diannehartsock
Twitter: https://twitter.com/diannehartsock
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/diannehartsock/

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I have a guest today – my good friend K-Lee Klein – who is here to tell us a little about her brand new release, especially for Valentine’s Day. Hi K-Lee


Thank you, Elin, for having me here today. I appreciate being able to showcase my first self-published release. Lucky in Loveland comes out on February 13 and it’s the first in a new series called Welcome to Loveland.

Why is Valentine’s Day important to you?

My birthday is two days before Valentine’s Day so it’s never been a big thing to me since even when I was little the two were lumped together. I think when you have first boyfriends and such, it becomes more of a big deal, then again when you’re first married. I’ve been married for 28 years so it’s really no more than just another day, though I do still buy my husband & grown kids little cards and chocolate.

As a writer, it is important to me because it’s the perfect excuse to write some fluffy, sappy romance. As much as I love writing angst and breaking my characters, I adore getting their fluff on, too. Lucky in Loveland falls into that vein, but with non-fluff potential. Lol.

Do you have a favourite character in Lucky in Loveland?

That’s a tough one because I wrote it from both POVs. Lucky is hard to not love because he’s like this large lovable, clumsy Golden Retriever, especially when it comes to Jack. But Jack is awesome too—very chill and easily amused by Lucky, but also flattered by his silly attentions. Together they are very sweet.

What are you working on next?

I’m working on a story for MLR’s Storming Love collection. The theme this time is Heatwave so I’m writing a rock star and lawyer on a tour bus. Ha. That’s all I can say. Otherwise, I have so many WIPs on the go, especially with Amber Quill closing its doors on March 31, and I also need to find homes for all those books.

What I’m hoping to start soon is the novel edition of my two short stories Lazy Sundays and Lazy Valentines. I’m going to put them together in one book with the rest of Devon and Scott’s story. And I have a series called Forever in Blue Jeans about high school friends who meet up before their 10-year reunion to catch up on what’s happening in their lives. It’s waiting patiently—or not so much—in my head with my muse knocking on my skull to get it done.

Unfortunately, I have too much on the go and too much in my brain all at once. I could really use a duplicate of myself to share the load.

To thank everyone for stopping by, I’m giving away one ebook copy of Lucky in Loveland. Leave your name, email address, and a comment Valentine’s Day, and I’ll pick a winner on February 18.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 


Lucky in Loveland (Welcome to Loveland, book 1)
Available February 13, 2016


Loveland, Colorado is a special place all year around, a community of creativity and art, with scenic views and majestic mountains. But the town really shines once a year, on Valentine’s Day.

Lucky Roberts has lived in Loveland his whole life. He has good friends, strong family support, and is all about keeping his community fun and alive. The only thing Lucky has been “unlucky” with is love. But rather than avoiding February fourteenth in his hometown, he throws himself into helping others deliver their messages of love.

Enter Jack Canon. Jack moved to Loveland for a fresh start, in both his personal and professional lives. After a tough year, he’s finally hoping to just blend in, maybe carve a little niche for himself that his parents would have been proud of. What he didn’t expect was a pseudo-lumberjack with a killer body and shy smile to turn his world upside down – and he sure didn’t expect to like it so much.

When Lucky meets Jack, he feels like a thirteen year-old with his first crush. He’s clumsy, stammering, and the first greeting out of his mouth is a less than articulate, “Wow!” Words like adorable and manbun suddenly become part of his vocabulary as he discovers a deep, hidden need to romance the hell out of Jack.

And what better way to do that than during the most romantic season in the City of Love?

Available February 13

Please see my website for more information


Buy Links:






…Lucky filed that bit of information away. It was practically sacrilege to live in Colorado without knowing how to skate, and the festival was mandatory for anyone in Loveland. Even if you got off the bus yesterday, you’d have already heard about the festival. Or so Lucky thought.

He spoke to the kids, though. “You know how the whole town comes out to dance and sing and just have a good time? Well, it’s the same for the community sports and the big game. People like to get together with their families and neighbors to support all the players. And because both teams always have all different types of people, different levels of players, everyone cheers for everyone, right? And that means the whole community wins.”

He was quite proud of his little presentation, even though it only lasted another ragged ten minutes or so. The kids had obviously had enough sitting still and being on their best behavior. Lucky totally understood that. He’d been one of those squirming, hyperactive kids growing-up, and the part he’d been looking forward to most was up next.

With a conspiratorial glance at Jack, Lucky retrieved the bags he’d left by the desk. He had to choke-off his own childish squeal as he handed-out the miniature foam hockey sticks and pucks, much to the enthusiastic delight of the kids. He wasn’t sure Mr. Jack was entirely struck on the idea, but by the time he considered checking with him, Lucky was already sprawled on the floor with his oversized hands stuffed into foam goalie gloves. This is my show ‘n tell. His legs spread wide as pucks were shot, kicked, and even thrown at him, Lucky let them rack up their goals, confident the pucks were soft enough to do him no damage. He protected his package with great skill.

By the time Jack called a time-out, Lucky was breathless from laughing and the kids were worked into a total frenzy. He hoped he hadn’t caused Jack too much trouble. He even tried to feel sorry for Jack—he really did—but he was too happy to care, Maybe, just maybe, he could make it up to him later. Did kindergarten kids still have naptime? Lucky thought he could use one too.

Lucky watched transfixed as Jack settled the kids into a coloring exercise with barely any fuss or attitude. He remembered coloring had always been one of his favorite parts of school. That, and recess, of course. Jack obviously had impressive rugrat managaement skills.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly, as he was shrugging back into his coat. “I should have checked with you first about the hands-on demo. I thought it would be fun.”

Jack didn’t appear bothered, even gave Lucky a wry smirk. “Could have been way worse. I’m glad you didn’t ply them with sugar like Fire Chief Kent. They buzzed around like they were on Ecstasy for the rest of the day.”

“Doesn’t E make you mellow, not hyper?”

“Shows you how much I know about recreational drugs, I guess.” He spoke quietly out of the corner of one side of his mouth in some sexy New Yorker way, and if Lucky hadn’t been smitten before, he would have been zapped from then on. “Anyway, thanks for coming in. I think you’ve turned out to be their favorite guest for community month. Maybe I’ll see you around town.”

“Yeah, about that.” Lucky couldn’t help succumbing to his nervous habit, rubbing the back of his neck and dipping his head. “I do feel bad about getting them all hopped-up on fun. Can I buy you a cup of coffee or something?”

Jack snickered, as he snuck a peek around the corner of the cloakroom. “I really should get back to the kids. Not sure the moms and dads would like me sneaking out.”

“What? No. I didn’t mean it like—” Jack’s smirk stopped Lucky dead in his tracks. “That was mean, but you got me. Well played, sir.”

“I like you when you’re flustered.”

With a snort, Lucky rubbed the back of his head. “You’ve never seen me flustered.”

“Um, really? …and I quote…wow.”

Lucky blushed. “Is that a yes, then?” he asked while his heart hammered in his ears.

“How about dinner on me, since you were such a hit today? You know, Bettie’s, that diner down the street, say six o’clock?”

Had he ever got an easier date in his life? Or non-date or whatever. “You’ve got yourself a deal. We can talk about who’s paying when we’re finished. You might not want to fork out money for my company, after all.”

The amused expression on Jack’s face would have been pure comedy if Lucky hadn’t suddenly felt so mortified at his own words. He bit his bottom lip until a metallic taste flooded his mouth, a flush settling in for the winter from his neck to the tips of his ears while Jack snickered into his hand.

“I didn’t realize it was that kind of dinner.”

“What? No…shit…I mean, dammit.” Lucky felt like such an idiot. He kind of liked Jack for that. “You got me again.”

“You’re too easy.”

“I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole. Six o’clock. I’ll be there. Say goodbye to the little monsters for me.” He’d swaggered his way about two doors down the hall when he called out to Jack again. “Oh, hey!

Jack turned from where he’d been shutting his door. “Yes, Mr. Lucky?”

“My mom’s an artist, too. I think you’d like her.”


“Acrylic paint on your fingers. Hers are the same. Later, dude.”



K-lee Klein has lived in one part of Western Canada or another for her entire life. She’s a doting mother of three now-grown kids, and has had characters and plots running around her head for as long as she can remember. In an attempt to avoid major writer’s block, she keeps the image of muse on her leg so he can’t run off too far, unfortunately it doesn’t work all the time. K-lee’s days consist of planning her next tattoo design for her growing collection, having a lot of baths since her muse loves the water, and fighting off an abundance of fabulous gay men, large and small who continually bounce off the walls of her skull, competing for their turns to tell their stories.

Among her favourite sub-genres to read and write are rock stars, cowboys, shifters, friends-to-lovers, and opposites-attract relationships. But to be honest, she’s open to almost anything if it involves messing around in the heads of her characters. She’s also big on series—because she has a hard time letting her characters go—and is usually working on a handful of stories in various stages of completion all at the same time.


Places to find K-lee.

Website – kleeklein.com
Blog – http://chaosinthemoonlight.blogspot.ca
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Klee_Klein
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kleemoon
Facebook author/reader group https://www.facebook.com/groups/812548795471921/


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It’s just one day to go until this anthology from Love Lane Books is released so I thought I would invite some of the contributing authors to answer a few questions about their work.

My guest today is Jenny Blackburn. Welcome Jenny and thanks for answering my questions.

1. Please tell me a little about your story in the anthology

I have two stories in Love Lane Books’ Valentine Delights.

Cupid’s Spark
On call techie, Brady, doesn’t hesitate to leave his group’s annual Valentine gaming weekend for an out-of-hours job helping hot University student, Dale, with computer issues. A broken computer, he can handle. How will he handle a broken heart when the guy he has been crushing on seems to be hot for someone else?

It Feels Like
Sharing a table and witty banter with a sexy stranger in a crowded cafe could be the jump start Ben’s love life needs. Jesse ticks all his ‘dream man’ attributes, but sensible Ben refuses to risk his heart without careful consideration and vetting from trusted acquaintances. Jesse seems determined to change Ben’s mind and maybe his secret will tip the balance in his favour…

Bonus excerpt from It Feels Like:

“…The guys I normally flirt with would probably think The Odyssey was a bar name and They Came Like Swallows a porno.” His lips twitched and Ben couldn’t help but laugh.

“Would they think Anything by Cummings was a sex instruction video?” he joked.

“Yes, and The Catcher in the Rye a sex position.” They sniggered and received a look from the occupants of the table beside them.

“Of Human Bondage.” Ben leant forward to say in a quiet voice. Jesse leant toward him and he held his breath at the growing intimacy.

“Everything That Rises Must Converge.” Jesse wiggled his eyebrows for emphasis.

2. What’s the best Valentines Day gift you have given/received

Back in 2003 I was starting at a new evil day job and had this handsome man assigned to train me. He asked me out on Valentine’s day and 13 years later he is still my patient and understanding (read: long suffering) partner.

His gifts are always well received – last year he bought me a terabyte portable hard drive with ribbon tied around it. I was ecstatic and immediately started transferring my MM eBook collection to it. His return gift was peace and quiet for the day.

3. What else are you working on?

My head holds many universes of smexy guys interacting with each other in goose bump inducing ways. They come out to play in my dreams and interfere with my focus in my waking hours. Up to now I have only had time to scribble down a plot before the next story takes over and demands attention. My sister has endured many a dot point outline and demanded it be allowed to mature into a full story.

These short stories are the first step in sharing my boys with the world. My trouble is wading through all the contenders to select one deserving pair to write about next.


Born in Papua New Guinea, a proud descendant of the Manx and Vikings (with lashings of Irish, English and Scottish, a splash of French and a drop of American Indian) and bearer of a Scottish title; Jenny Blackburn insists she is a true blue Aussie. She is intrigued with labels and titles; specifically to prove she doesn’t fit them.
Jen learned storytelling at her father’s knee and soon had the job of telling her younger sister ‘calming bedtime stories to put her to sleep’ (cue hysterical laughter and sneaky parents enjoying the character voices and imaginative tales from their hiding spot around the corner).
Her mother thought Jen could be a successful lawyer (she is stubborn and argumentative) and everyone agreed she had a lively imagination (not fibbing; stretching the truth). Jen found she needs to read to survive and everything else invades her reading time.
She is currently squeezing into the role of Business Intelligence Analyst at her evil day job. She lives with her supportive (long suffering) partner and teenage daughter. And a mad budgie.


Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/2read2write2live

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/JennyBlackburnAuthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HojuRose

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/hojurose/

Email: 2read2write2live@gmail.com

Available now from Love Lane Books 

Price: FREE

A collection of short stories specially for Valentine’s Day including

Cupid’s Spark & It Feels Like… by Jenny Blackburn
Cupid in a Stroller by Avery Duran
Something beginning with ‘V’ by Alex Jane
Up in the Air by George Loveland
Wings of Love by A. Russo
Close your Eyes by Sue Brown
Sauce for the Goose a “Cambridge Fellow” short by Charlie Cochrane
Smack Happy a “With a Kick” short by Clare London
The Heart Outside a “Texas” short featuring Jack & Riley by RJ Scott

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It’s just a few days to go until this anthology from Love Lane Books is released so I thought I would invite some of the contributing authors to answer a few questions about their work.

My guest today is George Loveland , which is very exciting because I’ve actually been in the same room as George, even if I felt a bit too shy to go and say hello. Anyhow – here are the questions.

1. Please tell me a little about your story in the anthology

I have written Up in the Air, which is a short story of two guys who meet on a plane, but neither of them were really meant to be on that flights in the first place. I love when life changes what your plans are, and how wonderful things can happen from there.

2. What’s the best Valentines Day gift you have given/received

I can’t remember! More recently, I’ve been single or when I’ve had a boyfriend I didn’t get anything. I do remember giving him some melting chocolate and marshmallow willies, which we never used. He did give me a Muppet’s card with our picture on it, which was nice, but nothing much more to report, other than that!

3. What else are you working on?

I am currently finishing a story set in Las Vegas called ’42 Hours in Vegas’. It’s an English guy being pursued by a backing singer from a concert that he saw. It’s a half true story; I once spent forty-two hours in Vegas, but didn’t go to a concert or have any romance. I did have a great time though, and the new saying is what happens in Vegas goes on Facebook, so you will get to hear some of the fun things I got up to.

George lives in the UK, loves to travel, reads mostly sci fi and fantasy but also loves M/M romances. You can follow him at the links below.

Website: http://www.georgeloveland.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gloveland9
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GeorgeLoveland9

Available now from Love Lane Books 

Price: FREE

A collection of short stories specially for Valentine’s Day including

Cupid’s Spark & It Feels Like… by Jenny Blackburn
Cupid in a Stroller by Avery Duran
Something beginning with ‘V’ by Alex Jane
Up in the Air by George Loveland
Wings of Love by A. Russo
Close your Eyes by Sue Brown
Sauce for the Goose a “Cambridge Fellow” short by Charlie Cochrane
Smack Happy a “With a Kick” short by Clare London
The Heart Outside a “Texas” short featuring Jack & Riley by RJ Scott

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It’s just a few days to go until this anthology from Love Lane Books is released so I thought I would invite some of the contributing authors to answer a few questions about their work.

My guest today is Arin Russo. Welcome, Arin, and thanks for answering my questions.

1. Please tell me a little about your story in the anthology

The first thing that came to mind when I thought about Valentine’s Day was that chubby little cupid angel with the bow and arrows. I wanted to give that image a spin of my own and explore not just the romantic love that Valentine’s Day is famous for, but the many different kinds of love we experience through our lives as well.

2. What’s the best Valentines Day gift you have given/received

Er, actually, I’ve never exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts with anyone. I don’t know what that says about me! Maybe I’m just not very romantic?

3. What else are you working on? 

I’m currently almost finished with the first draft of the next novella in my ‘Someone’ series. Also in the works are a paranormal short story, a novel-length urban fantasy, and as per the norm, about 800 more ideas lined up that may or may not be worked on next.


Arin Russo works as an applications developer by day, romance writer by night (and on
breaks, and in the evenings, and sometimes during work when the important people aren’t
watching). When not daydreaming about plots Arin is owned by Evil Kitten, resigned to a
lifetime of cleaning litter boxes and twitching teaser-toys. When allowed to experience ‘free
time,’ Arin enjoys cooking, baking, and horseback riding.

My website is here (http://arussoauth.co/) and I can be stalked on Twitter by the handle @russo_auth.

Watch this space for more information on this appealing anthology. Links and blurb to follow.

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It’s just a week to go until this anthology from Love Lane Books is released so I thought I would invite some of the contributing authors to answer a few questions about their work.

First up – and very welcome – is Alex Jane. Hi Alex and thanks for answering my questions.

1. Please tell me a little about your story in the anthology –

The premise of the story is that businessman, Daniel, and his assistant, Elliot, are trapped in an elevator on Valentine’s Day. Which is awkward as Daniel is more than a little in love with Elliot.

When I first saw the brief for the story, the idea of having two people trapped in some sort of room, popped into my head straight away. I think it was mostly as I wanted to keep the story intimate; concentrating on the two characters, rather than spending time on world building and a cast of thousands. Imagining the story as a two-handed ‘play’ really appealed to me. I’m also a dreadful sucker for ‘seemingly unrequited pining’, so having Daniel and Elliot be hopelessly in love with each other, but both being utterly oblivious to it, was a little Valentine’s gift to myself.

2. What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you have given/received –

When I was a teenager, I received a genuine Valentine. It was just a simple card, signed with two small kisses…and that was it. I had no clue who it was from, and no-one ever owned up to it. I still have no clue who could have sent it, but the idea of it still fuels the hopeless romantic in me…probably more than the reality ever would have done.

3. What else are you working on? OR Have you any other recent releases you would like to tell us about? –

Right now, I’m reworking the first novel I wrote, Stumble Forward, which is a contemporary romantic drama that I’m hoping to submit to a publisher soon. I’m also writing the first draft of an Old West Shifter story; I missed NaNoWriMo last year, so I’m taking February instead to get that finished.

And once that’s done, I actually have an idea for another story featuring Daniel and Elliot. I have plans to write a novella about their further adventures in love by the summer, but you never know…it might end up being a novel by Christmas!

Bio –

Wannabe novelist with an even more implausible job in real-life, Alex finally got around to writing down the stories she had spent most of her life crafting in her head, under the shadow of a significant birthday.

With only a one-eyed dog and a horrifyingly muddled music collection to help her along, her stories focus on finding love and keeping it. And if her characters have to go through Hell to get there…she’s okay with that.

Alex lives, works, and watches too much TV in Brighton, UK.

You can keep up with Alex’s progress on her website : http://www.alexjane.info/

Watch this space for more information on this appealing anthology. Buy Links and blurb to follow.

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